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Bridge to German and European market for Chinese companies: Marketing and product development assistance

You are a Chinese company and want explore your chances in Europe? Then we can offer you a fast and cost-saving way.

Europe and its largest leading market Germany is much different from other markets like USA and Asian countries. Especially the product's quality and service requirements are much higher. In the past, products from China sold with cheaper prices, but today, China's advantage in cheap production is limited. The challenge today for Chinese companies is to enter the European market with their brand and quality products, gaining sustainable long-term sales in Europe.

Products variety and availability in Germany and Europe is very high and you need adapt to local standards and requirements.

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You need to combine marketing and product developement

Working in China for many years and also been familar with European market since 30 years, I could see so much potential in Chinese companies, which is not used. It is more like a trial and error game played by Chinese companies, instead of careful analyses of their chances.

E.g. Chinese companies mainly copy design and technique already from copies made in China. Access to newer developements in their market is limited due to blocked and extremely slow internet in China and the language barrier. Also they search on internet for new products, but cannot evaluate if they can be sold. Without professional help, how can you develop a unique product, which makes a difference and may be suitable to sell long term on German / European market?

Knowing the market since many years we have good connections to manufacturers and always get the latest news and improvements. Additionally we know the market from dealers to Internet selling and are always in contact with many dealers and retailers and learn what can be sold well and which products are sold bad and where is the price cistomers are ready to buy for.

We actually provide design and marketing consulting services to potential Chinese manufacturers. In order to develop sellable products, enhance the quality and assist in certificates which are needed for the target countries. Additionally help finding customers in Europe, targeted on larger volume sales channels.

Product development is on manufacturer’s side. Because you can sell the products which can be sold in Germany to everyone in the world. Such detailled developement and marketing no customer or agency will do for you!

E.g. If you plan to go to German exhibition you should make sure your products are fulfilling all the norms and laws and common customer requests. There is a bundle of regulations you need take care of. Otherwise you will have NO sales! Also you must know the pricing structure and delivery terms of your competitors. Otherwise you also make NO sales!


  • Developing your products suitable for German & European market
  • Market analyzing and develop a marketing strategy.
  • Work together with your engineering team.
  • We will give you all information concerning the regulations we need to fulfill.
  • We together find solutions which attract customers and can be done quickly in your factory.
  • Following we continue detailed development.
  • We assist you in making German data sheet and brochure.
  • We will assist in German and English Web site
  • We assist you in pricing structure and delivery terms etc.

Let us talk. In a phone call we can quickly find out your best options to start your business in Germany / Europe successfully.
Please call +49 7248 93566-90 and ask for Peter Jordan (CEO).


"Specialist knowledge is at the root of our expertise"

Our services aim to increase the value of your business. We are guided by your individual needs when developing process improvements. Our team creates realistic concepts for the optimal realisation of your business objectives through the use of experienced working methods.

  • Implementation of our clients' growth objectives
  • Identification of new market trends and market research
  • Detailed market and target group screening and analysis of potential
  • Strategy consulting and planning
  • Selection and inspection of potential distribution partners and clients
  • Market entry strategy, marketing concepts and brand registration
  • Expansion of sales/service networks, including own local client presence
  • Provision of office space and staff
  • Central coordination of local sales and marketing
  • Organisation, monitoring and follow up of trade fair appearances
  • Order processing (importation, customs, logistics, payment processing etc.)
  • Representative office establishment, including office staff selection and recruitment



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