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Do bamboo furniture have disadvantages compared to traditional materials?

We produce bamboo office furniture since 2007 now and have delivered some couple of 100 desks to large and small customers. The material is unique. No other wood retains such a beautiful color. (You know that other wood veneers get yellowed and bleached out in time) This does not apply to bamboo. Bamboo is aging with dignity!

We offer 2 different surfaces:

  1. Painted surface. Thus the material is wrapped around with paint/laquer (plastic). What you can feel when touching it is the paint's surface. The authentic feel of the wood is lost. Advantage of the painted surface is that the surface is sealed. Disadvantage is that scratches, etc. can no longer be repaired on-site. Thus it loses its originally sustainable property and will be disposed of as quickly as other veneer panels.
  2. Oiled surface. Here, the surface is protected by the oil from dirt and moisture. But only to a certain extent. As every oiled furniture surface it is to be cleaned regularly and in case of deeper scratches sanded and oiled once more. The advantage is:
  3. that employees take care on a clean desktop and
  4. that the massive (thick) material is enduring many sandings, repairs and cleaning even after many years. (it is thick solid wood and not a thin veneer)
  5. Finally a bamboo desktop with oiled surdace is easily to refresh and so many many years usable and a sustainable product.

Design: Bamboo solid wood deserves a special carving. It should not just be cut with straight sharp edges, but rather carved like a sculpture. So architecturally well-proportioned tops can arise, which again vary in design, effect and filigree. We manufacture round and elegant shaped desks since the 1980s and do not do plastic edge bendings. The forms we developed in these years focus on ergonomic aspects and space efficiency. The benefits of the round anthropometric Vital-Office office concepts are well expanded with the use of the bamboo material.

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