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Executive Desks. Director Level Design Furniture. An effective tool for the Modern Management Team. Furniture as a reflection of one's distinctive personality. Representative of the vitality, competence and high-performance which are the minimum requirements for maximum success within the corporate environment. The Circon Executive was developed with the sophisticated, discriminating customer in mind. Integration of  Business and Personal Furniture design - an instrument for Modern Management and promotion of Corporate Culture, as well as a component of Post-Modern Corporate Design.

For your best ideas and the right decisions You take responsibility for your decisions.Therefore you would like to work on a ergonomically and aesthetically appropriate desk. Representative elegance without being…
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A particular variation of the Design Product line circon classic is the glass table variation. A glass plate (transparent or stainated), grounded at the edges, is borned by a brushed,…
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Furnishing examples of the executive level in Köln, Hilden and Hamburg.
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A simply chief physician office with writing desk, sideboard, meeting table and wall closet. Table veneered in Canadian maple. Molded feet in Brushed Stainless.
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No matter which veneer you would like, we make your particular executive desk in the best quality respecting ecological and sustainable criteria. This product of the upper class can also…
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Furnishing as a compelling reflection of character, style and eloquence. So the board members of one of the largest insurance company, chosen the product line circon classic a a uniformly…
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Professional design is made for practice and takes care of a hidden and practical cabling of the desk. In times of notebook and mobile phone, it is also necessary to…
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The circular elements of the classic desk which can be combined, form with a soft organic alignment the creative communicative central point of the office. 2 basic tables combined with…
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These glass tables are designed in classic BAUHAUS style. Reduced to the basics and using the material in an intelligent fluent way. Table 2x1m with square aluminum tube lacquered in…
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Table 2x1m with square aluminum tube lacquered in black Article no.: CC 1W21 G-W Round-Table 1.2m diameter with round aluminum tube in silver Article no.: CC 1W12 G-W
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Table 2x1m with square hardwood beams laquered in red, yellow and blue Article no.: CC 1K21 G-W
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circon basic solid elegance for desk and meeting with plenty of space for technology and cable is straight-forward. The rectangular tabletop rests on massive elliptical form part legs, "bridge piers"…
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Equipment can be reached in the same vision and grip distance by a slight movement of the body. Adaptation processes of the eye can be minimized because documents and screens…
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The circle is as the square a fundamental geometric shape. While the square symbolize the massive material (earth), the circle represents the mental spiritual center. Vital-Office table top shapes are…
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This executive desk is customized available in all sizes.
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Professional design is made for practice and takes care of a hidden and practical cabling of the desk. So you can quickly and easily connect your notebook and your mobile…
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In this variant the molded bases are at the end of table top sides, forming an interesting design intersection. Possible table sizes are 160x80cm, 180x90cm, 200x100cm und 220x100cm.
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was developed for a director of a world market leader in laser technology
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Innovative, classic  and at the same time serious, the command design radiates tranquility, idea potential and Competence. Without appearing heavy and immobile, this desk sets the mark as the central…
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Including Cable Management. A sophisticated cable support. With large cable tray and flexible vertical wiring through a double back-panel.
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With the slightly slanted rear panel in polished chrome the desk seems elegantly light, because the polished chrome works like a mirror.
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for 2 dynamical entrepreneurs the circon command design was used in conjunction with Feng Shui design
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circon command is available in many styles. Choose your favorite out of a wide variety of materials and colors. Combine high class hardwood, veneers, laminate or any color in best…
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Modern „Team And Work“ work-station for individual distinctiveness. Energetic combination of materials for the work surface with the slightly slanted aluminum rear panel and the elliptical molded column, supports the…
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The Executive desk is modeled after a jet wing circon jet. With elevator and angled wing tip. This creates a favorable structure in functional and aesthetic areas: The straight main…
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These are the first scribbles from Designer Harald Knauf
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Table top pieces in colorful, coordinated colors (red, green, yellow, bordeaux, blue, anthracite, grey-white) and glass is individually assembled. Elliptical foot painted. Inclined rear panel as aboveCircon jet is suitable…
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Add natural stone and combine with wood. Modern „Team And Work“ work-station for individual distinctiveness. Energetic combination of materials for the work surface with the slightly slanted aluminum rear panel…
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Tops in matte Linoleum desktop, combined with Laminate aluminum silver. The slightly slanted rear panel and elliptical molded base either in sanded stainless steel or aluminum or in matte lacquered…
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Tops in exclusive wood veneer like Canadian maple or Japanese Senn, combined with matte lacquered aluminum silver. The slightly slanted rear panel in sanded stainless steel or aluminum and elliptical…
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Tops in exclusive wood veneer like Swiss pear combined with matte lacquered black and aluminum silver and glass. The slightly slanted rear panel and elliptical molded base in polished chrome…
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Your personal Office individually planned. Including material and colour concept. Meeting tables, conference tables, sideboards and cabinets, in all versions, suitable for your personalized desktop.
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The inclined rear panel is an interesting variant of the Base: The supply of the cable on the table top is comfortable and discreet. The elevator is a large trough…
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Personal identity and strength in a characteristic Ambience. Energetic combination of materials for the work surface with the elliptical molded columns, supports the expression of motivation, lightness and stability.
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circon executive desks are functional designs. Their shapes and designs are designed to support the needs of modern managers.The smaller parts at the left or right side enable more personal…
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The modular executive desk circon wing offers a covered cable tray in the molded feet, with plenty of room for electrical sockets, power supplies and a cable conduit from foot…
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