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New ways of sound absorption through transparent painted acoustic-panel-blinds

The Vital Office GmbH, specialist for office optimization, supports enterprises with its new product "Vital-Office® acoustic-panel-blinds" in their effort to create a less noisy office environment. The sound absorbing Vital-Office® acoustic-panel-blinds structure window facades and provide flexible screening of working groups, thus resulting in more quietness and concentration on the job.

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Written by 5 August 2016 - 11:32:55

Stimulating motifs optically structure large area window facades

The new product "Vital-Office® acoustic-panel-blinds" absorbs sound and reduces the reverberation time while at the same time is transparent and painted with stimulating motifs. It functions both as an open-plan room divider and as a screening curtain system in front of windows, glass fronts and walls. The clarity of speech is increased and people soon adapt their speech volume to the improved quieter situation. Vital-Office® acoustic-panel-blinds can control light and shade in the work area, influence the internal and external effect of a building and optically structure large area window facades.
Friendly atmosphere and natural harmony

The Vital-Office® acoustic-panel-blinds painted with individual motifs create a friendly atmosphere and natural harmony in an office. Through our special half transparency grid the windows will not be totally covered. A clear view outside is still possible. Individual designed motifs can be accommodated with pictures, logos, CI elements, graphics, text, etc. Panel blinds consist of powder coated aluminum head rails featuring multiple slots to carry gliding units to which acoustic panels are attached. Ideally suited for covering large expanses of glass or curtain walling, the panels do not rotate but stack back alongside each other when the blind is not deployed.

Feng Shui and sacred geometry:

The Vital-Office® acoustic-panel-blinds can be used perfectly to stimulate the Feng Shui elements in a room and building while at the same time providing sound absorption. The new developed energetic Vital-Office motifs according to sacred geometry are artfully painted in 5 colors, representing all 5 Feng Shui elements. The motif is endless, which means it can be extended endlessly (e.g. panel no. 1 fits at the end of panel no. 3). Through mirroring even more individual designs are possible.

"Vital-Office® acoustic-panel-blinds create friendliness and natural harmony in the office, because the windows are not completely covered by the product. You still can view outside", explains managing directors Peter Jordan. In addition: With Vital-Office® acoustic-panel-blinds the effect of grey and dull sun shutters are gone. Now colors and motifs dominate, which can be arranged individually, for example with a company logo. "Vital-Office® acoustic-panel-blinds" are characterized by a special grid, which combines color and images with transparency - upwards it becomes more transparent, so that you can have a look through.

Vital Office has committed itself to the motivation and health of office-workers.  Providing comfort, security and optimal physiological support in the working sphere. Vital-Office products represent an advancement of ergonomics- a relevant factor for a vital and healthy workplace. More information at


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