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Office Furniture Program Overviews

Office Furniture Program Overviews (7)

Office furniture program overviews: Here you can find information about each product line, showing all available variations and modifications, which you can choose for a product or product line. Optionally you may download the Vital-Office pricelist and the OFML PCON configurator and CAD planner from our download area.

Vital-Office Design Furniture program overview: Productline Joker desks (infinitydesign) Concept based green and ergonomic office furniture. With Vital-Office you benefit from highest flexibility, space efficiency and ergonomics. Derived from Vital-Office…
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Program overview Joker addons (infinitydesign)
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Pedestals and Caddies programm overview (infinitydesign)
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Varitable program overview Downloads (please register to download brochures and price lists)
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Program overview Flexiconference Downloads (please register to download brochures and price lists)
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Design Classics from Vital-Office Moebelmanufaktur The Circon Executive product line features Management Level executive desks and innovative conference table systems which include built-in media centers. Exclusive proprietary design. Fashioned with…
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