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Office optimization

Office optimization (5)

Office Optimization. Basics to consider

Have you ever considered how much time you spend in the office? Apart from periods spent sleeping, the workplace is the environment where we spend most time. The extent to…
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Each company, each entrepreneur, managing director, sector or department manager endeavours to be successful with his employees. Motivation techniques should ensure that all the employees, in a good mood, thinking…
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If you act virtuously you do not need to think anything new. You simply do what you have learnt. But it does not depend so much on how well something…
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The answer is: In nature. Obviously, most people have had this experience. Not in buildings but outside in nature. Something happens there in interaction with nature which is different from…
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Man unconsciously recognizes geometric relationships and as a result also the higher order in design. Mathematically these forms are very complicated, but humans are unconsciously aware of such relations. Who…
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