Premium Pet Acoustic cassette/acoustic picture with bamboo solid wood frame and interchangeable highly absorbent solid moss plates

Due to the special method of conservation of Island Moss and Hill (Upholstery Moss), the natural materials retain their fresh green, and the moss images and walls do not require artificial light or care or fertilization.

VitAcoustic absorber are used as carrier material, which are highly sound absorbing, flame retardant (B1), insensitive to moisture and pliable for use in the 3d frame.

We also realize more complex customer requests, such as the dressing of pillars and special design objects according to architect design.

The evergreen elements have a particularly impressive effect when different types of moss and coloured vitAcoustic absorber are combined.

In view of our manual and filigree production, we are literally a manufactory. Our Moss products are made entirely in Germany.

Individual creative Acoustic wall design for:

  • Your apartment,
  • Your Office,
  • Restaurants and
  • Public buildings

Your advantage:

  • Very high sound absorption > 80%
  • Pleasant "quiet" room feeling (feel-good atmosphere)
  • Good listening and understanding of soft tones
  • Visually appealing design
  • Removable inlays (interchangeable frame)
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Premium Pet Acoustic cassette/acoustic picture with bamboo solid wood frame and interchangeable highly absorbent solid hay, & moss Plates

Fragrant real hay, hay and moose directly on vitAcoustic absorber applied.

A more versatile variant, real natural products with all senses (see. buttons, smell) can be experienced.

The special patented preservative and coating method opens up completely new design possibilities.

And the vitAcoustic natural-coated absorber can be used in all vitAcoustic applications, such as 3d frames, acoustic shutter cabinets, space curtains for room layout and flexible partitions and wall panels.

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vitAcoustic Moss Pictures FAQ and Care

FAQ-Our answers to the most important questions regarding real moss, Moss pictures, moss frames, moss walls, Heubilder, Almheu with hay flowers

Experience unique acoustic panels for wall and ceiling mounting and in use as furniture surfaces coated with real moss or Almheu. With VitAcoustic Moss and Heubildern, they not only acoustically evaluate the ambient climate, they experience a unique sense of space that appeals to almost all senses. The pleasant structure of real moss and Almheu conveys the feeling of being in pure nature. This groundbreaking acoustic panel can not only be seen but also smell and feel. This makes the fine moss or Almheu a wonderful fragrance that evokes associations of green landscapes.

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Acoustics "Beautiful" design with small and large-scale höchtsabsorbierenden acoustic absorbers in 19 standard colours. This means that acoustic absorbers become the design element-without the cost of more. They design with original coloured vitAcoustic sound-absorbing felt plates. 100% pollutant-free because the fibres are already produced in the colours. It is not painted and also not coloured. VitAcoustic is Oekotex 100, emission class E0, fire Class B1 and eco-friendly recyclable. This is easy and yet highly absorbent in class B according to DIN EN ISO 11654.

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vitAcoustic · Acoustic sideboard

Highly absorbing sound absorber as blind and furniture area for modular cabinets

A large absorbing surface and at the same time the highest sound-absorbing values of class A are usually achieved only by expensive large-scale wall or Deckeneninstallationen.

With vitAcoustic acoustic furniture, however, you get a mobile, integrated concept into the office furniture, which makes it more independent of fixed installations.

This is where practically sound-reflecting surfaces are replaced by sound-absorbing surfaces.

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Highly absorbent flexible vitAcoustic sound absorbers as blinds for shutter cabinets transform barrier into highly effective broadband absorbers cost-effectively. Following the principle of microperforation, the textile vitAcoustic plates, combined with a cavity (cabinet interior), develop an almost linear broadband absorption, especially in language-relevant areas. The vitAcoustic shutters, available in up to 50 colours, are usually cheaper than comparable PVC blinds.

Your advantage:

  1. Pleasantly quiet room atmosphere with good speech intelligibility.
  2. Cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to PVC blinds with or without acoustic function
  3. Large color selection for more design flexibility
  4. The material is E0, B1 and recyclable (PET)
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Highly absorbent flexible sound absorbers as shutters for blind cabinets

Flexible VitAkustik panels for Qiboard roller shutters.

With a maximum absorption of approx. 2m ² and the cavity of the interior of the cabinet, values such as Class A are achieved.

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vitAcoustic | Caddy + Container

Highly absorbent sound absorbers for caddies and containers

Each container or caddy has approx. 1 m² of highly absorbent absorber area.

This means that a very high sound absorption is already achieved in a group or multi-person office. Expensive external wall and ceiling absorbers can be minimised.

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An echo makes the use of the ballroom of the Youth aid Waldhaus/Walder school in Malsch almost impossible. The echo, or the sound reflections were so high that nothing could be understood.


How can you get together here and make music? It was impossible!


But it seams: the EnBW #MacherBus supports the youth aid Waldhaus not only financially in the acquisition of new sound absorbing elements, but also the ENBW-makers take over the attaching of the elements. With the new room acoustic measure, the Children of the Forest House School can use the hall again in peace.


Vital-Office also supported this project, delivered the vitAcoustic frames for optimum sound absorption and led the assembly.



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Vitacoustic Premium Pet Polyethylene Acoustic curtains cuts for individual applications

For home and craftsmen we offer the acoustic plates in individual cuts.

Select the section size for price determination

In the box below, enter the desired mass and the desired number. (e.g. 3 pcs. 350x300mm) Please make sure that the cuts fit into the selected Abschnittsmaß.

Select the color

Product Specifications:

Acoustic panels made of polyethylene 9mm strong-quality and colour: See Selection box

Measurement: See selection field

Price basis: Record price ex Works

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