Unterschiedliche Planungslösungen für Essilor in Freiburg sind in Zusammenarbeit mit unserer FengShui Beraterin und Partnerin Frau Silke Sumana Körbs entstanden. Standard“ und „Vertikal Space Plus“ sind gelungene Bespiele dafür, dass sich Gegensätze anziehen können. Schlichte rechteckige Sideboards unterstreichen die Wirkung der ergonomischen Vital-Office Tische und umgekehrt. Bei Vertikal Space Plus ersetzen zudem Caddys auf Rollen konventionelle Standard Rollcontainer der Mitarbeiter am Arbeitsplatz. Die Caddys sind wahre Organisationstalente, bestehend aus einem Basismodul, das nach Bedarf des Mitarbeiters unterschiedlich mit Schüben und Leerfächern ausgestattet werden kann. Pflanztröge schaffen ein zusätzlich positives Raumklima.

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wo fühlen sich die meisten Menschen am wohlsten? In der Natur.

Die beruhigenden Farben, Materialien und runden Formen lassen Körper und Seele entspannen. Runde Kiesel schmeicheln unserer Hand und runde Formen wirken beruhigend auf unsere Sinne. Ecken und Kanten werden intuitiv umgangen. Folgen wir doch einfach dem Beispiel der Natur, in der Gestaltung eines Lebensraumes, in dem wir oft länger als ein Drittel unserer Zeit verbringen. (Jörg Abels)

Die VR Bank Schlüchtern-Birstein eG ist diesem Beispiel gefolgt und hat Ihre Büro mit ökologischen Massivholz Bambus-Schreibtischplatten und höhenverstellbaren Schreibtisch-Gestellen ausgestattet.

 Kunde: VR Bank Schlüchtern-Birstein eG
 Industrie: Finanzen, Banken
 Gebäude: Büro
 Arbeitsplätze: <20
 Typ: Sachbearbeiter Büros
 Vision: Ergonomie und Wohlfühlen



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Kärcher is a leading cleaning global brand. It provides the top-class cleaning facilities and cleaning solutions for business, public industries and home. It is the largest production center in Asian-Pacific market of Kaercher. (www.kaercher.cn) Vital-Office provides a system office planning and equipment for Kaercher Changshu factory in a healthy and modern style.

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Artundweise, an agency for web design and application development, needed to relocate in a more modern office building and Vital-Office was hired to plan their new creative work environment.
Rather than planning a standard open space office, Vital-Office analyzed fundamental ergonomic principles and their correlations to health, vitality and motivation.

Leading to a holistic ergonomic concept which included:

  • architectural design and room partitioning,
  • healthy light installation,
  • sound absorbing acoustic panels and
  • height adjustable desk with ecological and healthy tops out of bamboo hard wood.

Question: How do the coworkers accept the new office concept?
"Dear Mr. Jordan,
I have the impression, very very well. It is a well-being office. Not only the coworkers - all who have to do something with (land-lord, construction team, phone company, and much more) are emphasized, astonished and inspired.
The whole office is exceptional and outrages between the other offices. It is therefore taken as reference by the land-lord (Grosse) for other lofts which are still open to rent.
Best regards" Gerlinde Jones, artundweise GmbH, Agentur für digitale Kommunikation Konsul-Schmidt-Str. 8L, 28217 Bremen

 Customer: artundweise GmbH, Agentur für digitale Kommunikation Konsul-Schmidt-Str. 8L, 28217 Bremen
 Link: http://www.artundweise.de
 Industry: Medien, IT
 Building: Büro
 Workplaces: >50
 Type: programming and standard office work
 Vision: Feng-Shui, Ergonomics, attractiveness, appreciation and feel-good environment
 Planning and Design: Vital-Office

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Jungheinrich Qingpu, a 38.000 m2 campus with more than 100 workplaces using Vital-Office furniture, height adjustable desks, new ergonomic saddle like WEY-chair, cabinets, conference tables, reception, cantine and hotel guest room

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Vital-Office® Bamboo Office

In the Vital-Office Concept (published as book) the objectives and influence factors of human stress-free and healthy Office design is defined. Among other things it is assumed that the value of our environment affects the quality of our work. The psychological factors involved are complex. ... The desk is a tool that allows you to work with ease and same time is influencing your long term health. It is the heart piece of office furniture.

The quality of our environment determines the quality of our work. This is well known today. So radically efficient, such as a clean city reduce the crime rate (see David Coleman "Social Intelligence" example of New York), so easily a quality furniture improves the mindfulness at work. The psychological factors are complex. But it is possible to observe yourself and get a feel for how an environment or furnishing affects you. Usually you will learn very spontaneously, what kind of work quality and productivity in this office can be achieved and which are not.  The desk is a tool that allows you to work with ease and same time is influencing your long term health. It is the heart piece of office furniture.

  1. The advantage of a desktop in bamboo solid wood is in the sustainability and quality, combined with an affordable price.
  2. The advantage for the entrepreneur is improved quality of work, mindfulness, and attractiveness.
  3. The advantage for the employee is appreciation and "feel good".
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%AM, %31 %041 %2014 %00:%Aug

Bamboo – Architecture

A furnishing concept with bamboo office furniture, together with the given architecture, would like to create a delightful, pleasant and high-quality working atmosphere. In this bamboo environment, different professions will find their place. And as diverse as the work of a lawyer, architect, project manager or chief medical officer may be, all of you will value a pleasant work environment that is modern, contemporary and flexible enough to adapt to today's professional needs. 

You are right to be proud of yourself and your daily performance, to show appreciation to yourself and to let your clients share in it. 

Bamboo has already approached into all kind of rooms:

  • As a popular parquet floor - particularly hard, abrasion-resistant and timelessly elegant
  • as a piece of furniture, or
  • as a solitary sculpture.
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“Since I work for Vital-Office as an architect I am dealing a lot with the grenn bamboo material and develop many green office concepts, also for large international corporations. Within this job I ask myself, what exactly is this attraction of bamboo material?”

Of course, there are important issues such as sustainability, overall very valuable contribution to the environment and also it‘s authentic naturalness. Just to name a few. But bamboo is mainly a very nice, elegant and aesthetic material that has a very superior appeal.

Therefore, it deserves a careful crafting. It shall not simply be cut and fitted with a straight edge, but rather modeled as a sculpture. This helps to create architecturally proportioned tops, which again vary in effect and grace through differently shaped and profiled edges.

Bamboo is aging with dignity. If once getting on in years, it retains its beautiful, aesthetic and natural coloring and does not loose its good-looking, because of exposure to the sun, which e.g. gives other woods a yellow tinge. Also, humidity it can put away well and responds with less shrinkage and expansion than other woods. Looking at it more from a technical perspective, we know that no other natural material is more elasticity, hard and strong, which is combined with exceptionally low weight.

Only the interplay of all these details, impress consciously and unconsciously upon the user. An overall composition that is authentic, consistent and of appreciated high quality. Bamboo is with all its features a very modern, authentic and noble material.

Dipl. Ing. (Architecture) Petra Bodenburg:

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%AM, %31 %041 %2014 %00:%Aug

Bamboo foster health and well-being

Feng Shui masters value bamboo as energetically auspicious material. This is confirmed by scientific research.

As electrical equipment, such as computers, emit positive oxygen ions (in this case, harmful), so bamboo emits healthy (negative charged ion). And that, in an amount that far exceeds all other woods The measured values in a bamboo forest are at 10,000 m³ / a, in a normal forest 5000, in a park 1.800 and in closed rooms under 200.

  • Positively charged (harmful) ions are associated with fatigue, headache and anxiety.
  • On the other hand negative charged (healthy) ions are associated with positive effects on mood, clarity of mind and creativity. They do this by increasing the supply of oxygen to the brain, improving coordination and more mental energy.
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Major green features are the fast-growing raw material that grows in only 5 years. Actually a bamboo grows from sprout in just 2 years to full size. Then it takes 3 years, until the wood has hardened. Thus, the bamboo plant is ripe for the harvesting or it will be broken in the next few years in a natural way by storm. Within 5 years enough sprouts have grown to replace, it is a natural selection. In fact, 25% of a bamboo forest can be harvested every year without compromising the nature in any way.

Is bamboo really environmental friendly?

If we compare Bamboo with regional woods such as pine, beech or oak, then bamboo is much more environmental friendly in many points:

  1. Bamboo grows in just 5 years - European woods require 50-100 years.Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. It grows in only 2 to 4 months up to 20m high. After that, the plant needs four years to develop a hard wood structure. At the same time new shoots are growing automatically each year, so that each year 25% of the pipes in a bamboo forest can be harvested, without reducing the size of the forest or the number of trees per hectare. With the harvest of the older tubes more energy (light, water) is available for the remaining forest - thus the quality of the forest is increased.
  2. The controlled cultivation and management is carried out under strict control of the government, the forestry inspectors, environmental authorities and associations. The FSC certification also guarantees recognized Western standards. 
  3. Regional aspects shorten transport routes. In Western world we are used to buy anywhere. This means that raw materials and intermediate products are transported several times some 100 km from north to south and west to east. In the controlled growing areas of Anji, however, everything is close together. Within an area of about 100 km radius, bamboo is grown and fully processed to plates, parquet flooring and finished furniture. The transport to the seaport of Shanghai is only 160 km. The ecological balance of a sea freight is finally the most environmentally friendly transport route.
  4. CO2 storage and oxygen production. Bamboo is an important and fast CO2 fixator. That means, bamboo absorbs and binds a large amount of CO2 during its growth. In Comparison, a bamboo forest binds 1,46 times as much as a European forest and 1,33 times as much as a tropical rain forest of same size. At the same time bamboo produces oxygen. One hectare of bamboo forest produces 1350kg oxygen and our European forest only 750kg. This is 1.8 times more ..
  5. Under the condition that processing and transport not use more CO2, as has been saved in the plant, bamboo is neutral in it’s eco balance (LCA CO2). The processing of wood in Europe is dominated by the energy-intensive particle board industry, were wood is shreddered and with a lot of energy (heat) glued back to plates. The production of bamboo plates from the 25mm wide bamboo strips, is in comparison made with relatively small energy-saving machines.
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Büroplanung DTM-01 - Planung 01 – Variante A-C - Berater: Dieter Kirschner - DK Büro + Wohndesign GmbH http://www.dk-buerowohndesign.de Bei diesem Projekt handelt es sich um ein Großraum-Gruppenbüro, das im…
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Medien Kompetenz: Dipl. Ing. H.P.Buhlinger entwickelte wegweisende patentierte Medienlösungen u.A. für Bayerdynamics, Walter Knoll und Rosenthal. Z.B. Ic4C CNS-System Einkabel Lösungen. Her Buhlinger ist u.A. Mitentwickler der derzeit Neuesten HDBase-T…
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1992 gründeten Jens More und Andreas Wolf in Potsdam das Unternehmen MORE und WOLF Einrichtungen. Die ersten sechs Jahre lag der Schwerpunkt auf Büro- und Objekteinrichtungen für öffentliche und private…
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Unterschiedliche berufliche Hintergründe erfüllten sich 2002 im Herzenswunsch selbständig als Feng Shui Beraterin zu arbeiten. Die professionelle Qualifikation wurde in nachfolgenden Ausbildungen erworben: Holistic Feng Shui Berater Ausbildung in Freiburg…
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9 November 2017 - 11:54:08
Mein besonderes Anliegen ist es, Orte der Kraft und Harmonie zu gestalten. Jeder Ort, jedes Gebäude und moderne Technik kann sowohl hemmend als auch vitalisierend auf unsere Gesundheit, Leistungsfähigkeit und…
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The time that people spend working in the office is a regular part of life that has impacts on people’s health. The office is a working environment with many physical…
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Minimalistisch klares Design in hochwertiger Materialkomposition.  Kunde: Vector Stuttgart Industrie: IT Gebäude: Büro Arbeitsplätze: >1000 Typ: Rezeption Vision: Rezeption für neues Bürogebäude, das die Perfektion und Qualität der Firma und deren Produkte schlicht aber wertig…
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25000.00 €
Vital-Office Design Furniture program overview: Productline Joker desks (infinitydesign) Concept based green and ergonomic office furniture. With Vital-Office you benefit from highest flexibility, space efficiency and ergonomics. Derived from Vital-Office…
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Selbst wenn Sie bereits eine Büroplanung haben lohnt es sich, die Meinung eines zweiten Experten anzuhören. Wir überprüfen sorgfältig die ergonomischen Pro und Kontras, die Funktionalität und die leistungsfördernden Faktoren…
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We have very intensely studied Feng Shui and found that many basic parts of Feng Shui are corresponding with ergonomics. The difference mainly is the kind of language used. While…
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With our design concepts, we combine Chinese culture and German ergonomics. A good quality office is not expensive. Instead the budget is met and saved through concept based planning, where…
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1 September 2015 - 11:37:52
Vital-Office ist eine kleine, jedoch gut organisierte Marke im Bereich Büroplanung, Möbeldesign und (Teil-)Produktion. Die positive Entwicklung der chinesischen Dependance führt zur Überlastung des für beide Unternehmen zuständigen Geschäftsführers und…
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Fully covered front panels in jalousie style suitable for reception desks and clerk office.
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4 August 2016 - 03:08:49
Original Ergonomie und Feng Shui optimierter Vital-Office Schreibtisch mit anthropometrisch runder Vital-Office Schreibtischplatte und natürlich gewachster MDF Naturkante. Ein wertiger Schreibtisch zum Wohlfühlen. Extrem platzsparend durch die flächeneffiziente Vital-Office Rundform.…
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8 November 2017 - 07:59:18
1304.00 €  (+248.00 € Tax)
With Vital-Office flexiconference you can rearrange your conference room or training center very easily. According to  the situation needed the system enables you to make arrangements for every requirement. Your…
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Each conference room is a representation of distinctive style and vision utilizing systems from the Circon Executive Product Line. Size, form and material/composition are developed according to individual customer needs…
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Large and representative conference tables, which easily can be taken apart and arranged for other purposes. E.G. training or smaller group tables. We engineer these tables according your room‘s size…
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Modular conference tables with column bases with more space for legs. Elliptical or boat shaped. Optionally with motorized or gas spring columns for stand-up height adjustment.
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7 October 2016 - 01:34:23
flexible meeting and conference tables in various shapes. These tables can as visitors tables, catering tables or as exhibition tables are used.
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For your best ideas and the right decisions You take responsibility for your decisions.Therefore you would like to work on a ergonomically and aesthetically appropriate desk. Representative elegance without being…
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Elliptical under Table Ergometer with Bluetooth interface to fitness apps that you can easily connect and loosen with your office chair. Set pedal resistance and you can move and stay…
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17 October 2017 - 02:38:08
248.00 €  (+47.00 € Tax)
Weltweit größter Feng Shui Kogress mit den internationalen Größen der Feng Shui Szene, u.a. Lillian Too, Yap Cheng Hai, Grandmaster Lin Yun, Prof. Lim, Denise Linn, Marco Pogacnic,  Jami Lin,…
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28 September 2016 - 11:25:43
Jordan Büromöbel, Ettlingen bietet vom 25.-27.01.2001 ein umfassendes Informationsprogramm mit internationalen Gastlehrern, zum Thema Feng Shui, Gesundheit und vitales Büro. Nach dem Motto "Sehen & Fühlen, Hören und Diskutieren" stehen…
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30 August 2016 - 12:42:06
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