Personal identity and strength in a characteristic Ambience.

Energetic combination of materials for the work surface with the elliptical molded columns, supports the expression of motivation, lightness and stability.

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circon executive desks are functional designs. Their shapes and designs are designed to support the needs of modern managers.
The smaller parts at the left or right side enable more personal contact at an eye to eye level. The more you move to the middle, the more dominant you are.
In this way managers can use the design to help them being more effective with less effortless.

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The modular executive desk circon wing offers a covered cable tray in the molded feet, with plenty of room for electrical sockets, power supplies and a cable conduit from foot to foot.

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The images show the head desk in Maple black in a Directorate facility.

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A customized desk and conference table with molded bases in red

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A customized desk with molded bases in black.

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