Fully covered front panels in jalousie style suitable for reception desks and clerk office.

Example of an executive desk with top in Swiss Pear wood, chrome bases and blue protection.

Also included with the molded protection is a completely covered cable tray and an elegant cable duct in table-top's material.

Combined with a molded front protection the c-style desk evolves to a representative desk for executives or reception areas.

The molded protection is available in laminate, linoleum or veneer.

Desks with column bases offer more stability and more space underneath the desktop. Also available in motorized stand-up version.

The c-style legs are developed especially for Vital-Office desk tops. They underline the round shapes and lead to a unique design.

The c-style legs are available in 3 different variations:

  • Columns which are manually height adjustable from 680-820mm, with a column diameter of 120mm. Either in polished chrome, brushed chrome
  • Aluminum columns which are not adjustable in standard height of 720mm. Other individual heights are possible upon request.
  • 2-times telescopic Aluminum columns which are motorized adjustable from 630-1435mm. This is the highest possible range for adjustable desks.
  • The steel base plates are either coated in silver or black.

e-style desks 168cm as workstations with cable gland, folding uni-cable channel and CPU holder right at the table mounted.

With Office container in narrow version (table links below) or standard size (table right below).

The tabletop stand is based on the container. Mount pintle a short walk is free on the container by means of a height adjuster * stored.

Toolfree detachable it supports easy access to cable installations behind.

Available in melamine faced or veneered chipboard.

A nice interesting privacy screen is made from microfibre fabric protection.

Fit the fabric protection in Microfiber make Gabriel comfort can be delivered to the Chair.

the economic variation e-style is available with round table legs either in polished chrome, brushed chrome, aluminum or anthracite.

Modesty panel fabric or wood

The e-style legs are developed especially for Vital-Office desk tops.

They are underneath evenly cut into the material of the top with inlets to support durable fixation of the legs with metric screws.

The e-style legs are available in 2 different variations:

  • Single tube with plastic leveller with height adjustment possible from  680-800mm
  • Telescopic tubes with adjustment range from 680-1000mm

The consistent round Design unleashes new creative spaces and offers optimal ergonomic conditions.

In addition, the principles of Feng Shui and Sacred Geometry have been integrated in this Design and was awarded in 2000 with the Gold Medal for best Feng Shui Design

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