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Joker desks programm overview

Vital-Office Design Furniture program overview: Productline Joker desks (infinitydesign)

Concept based green and ergonomic office furniture. With Vital-Office you benefit from highest flexibility, space efficiency and ergonomics. Derived from Vital-Office concept, this green sustainable office furniture program fulfills all expectations on a modern, green and ergonomic office. The quality of work environment definitely effects work attitude and identification.

In designing office, we first must meet the essential needs for security and privacy, before we are able to think about other civilized forms of cooperative creative communication and cooperation. A subconsciously recognized round and safe private circle greatly reduces people’s stress and tension. This makes a big difference compared to lined up square work station and also avoids the distracting face-to-face position. In addition the rounded shapes offer advanced adjustability to optimize visual view and to evade open back position.

FengShui Rules:

  • Don’t have the corridor or door in your back!
  • Don’t face a wall! It will block your creativity.
  • Don’t sit in row with more than 4 people! It will be no harmony
  • No shining window light and glare!
  • Think about the round benefit!



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