Selbst wenn Sie bereits eine Büroplanung haben lohnt es sich, die Meinung eines zweiten Experten anzuhören. Wir überprüfen sorgfältig die ergonomischen Pro und Kontras, die Funktionalität und die leistungsfördernden Faktoren ihrer Büroeinrichtung. Vital-Office® ist immer etwas Besonderes. In unserem Streben nach konsequenter Ausrichtung der Büromöbel und der Umgebung auf die ganzheitliche Gesundung des Menschen und des Unternehmens konstituieren wir uns oftmals als harmonischen Kontrapunkt zu architektonisch geradliniger Gebäudeplanung.

Leben und Kreativität ist Bewegung! Lassen Sie sich inspirieren. Fordern Sie uns auf, Ihre Büroplanung zu analysieren oder Ihnen eine neue Vital-Office® Büroplanung zu erarbeiten.

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Even if you already have a concrete architectural draft, it still pays to have a second expert’s opinion. We carefully check its ergonomic pros and cons, its functionality and performance enhancing qualities.

Our service is available in parts. You can choose to start with a draft’s analysis or have an all inclusive conception.

Vital-Office® always was and is something special. While striving for a consequent design of furnishings and environment to the benefit of human health and well-being we constitute ourselves often as harmonic counterpoint to modern architecture. Thus bringing the missing elements in a building. Live is creativity and dynamic action.

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For communication and collaboration the layout and partitioning of offices is most important.

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Büro Jung, der Platzhirsch in und um Mainz hat jetzt auch Vital-Office Büromöbel im Programm.

Wie es durch ergonomische und psychologische Ansätze nach Feng-Shui gelingt, effektivere Büroarbeitsplätze zu schaffen, die die Kreativität der Mitarbeiter fördern und Spaß an der Arbeit verleihen.
Entdecken Sie das bewährte Vital-Office Konzept mit den neuen A-Klasse Akustik- und Konferenztischlösungen.

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Vitalizing lightning in offices:

Bad lightning causes stress, health problems and less productivity, while a lightning concept based on human needs unleashes powers over the whole working day.

Reflection, glare and extreme changes in light put strain on the eyes.

The problem is the contrast from dark (inside room) to light (outside window). This contrast let your eyes continuously

work while opening and closing it’s pupils.

Generally it is recommended that computer screens should be placed about 90° to light rays.

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Muckenthaler Ergonomie in München

Ihr Büro in guten Händen.

Ob einzeln oder für viele Mitarbeiter – der Arbeitsplatz ist die bedeutsamste Schnittstelle zwischen Mensch und Arbeit. Sie dient als wirksame Basis für die gesunde Entwicklung des Menschen und eines Unternehmens: gute Mitarbeiter halten – gute Mitarbeiter bekommen.
So wird aus jedem Büro eine runde Sache.
Feng Shui, die fernöstliche Gestaltungslehre von Lebensräumen, gewinnt bei Architekten in der westlichen Welt immer mehr an Bedeutung – zunehmend auch im Bereich Büroeinrichtung. Muckenthaler gestaltet mit Vital Office® lebendige Büroräume zur Förderung von Wohlbefinden, Kreativität und Gesundheit vom Einzelbüro bis zum Objekt.

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Decoration with plants and fountains:

A friendly atmosphere is mirrored in friendly employees through well selected decoration with plants and fountains.

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Vital-Office® Color Concept

Colors are the easiest way to generate a good mood. Some rules are important concerning the use in offices.

If we look at the cycle of the seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter, it quickly becomes clear which season produces the best mood. When, after the short, grey days of rain, slush or snow of the winter, the days at last become longer, the sun shines and the landscape becomes colorful, then your mood improves as well.

The colors on a sunny day are absolutely clear and bright. In contrast, on a gloomy rainy day in winter all colors appear in a grey shade. In northern countries (for example, Scandinavia), where the winters last several months, people often become depressed, due to the bad mood produced by the grey landscape over such a long period of time. In contrast, we admire the joie de vivre of the people in the more southern countries, where the sun shines more. The gloriously colorful landscape produces a good mood.

In view of this simple logic, is it not almost perverse when offices are installed with furnishings in all possible shades of grey? Different shades of grey on walls, ceilings and furniture in the office do not only affect the mind but also creativity, focus and productivity. This affects all the employees from the operative employee through to the managing director.

Anyone who has tried to present a color concept to a group of decision-makers (owner, managing director, secretaries and other involved parties), knows how difficult it is. It is impossible to conform with and fulfil the tastes and ideas of each individual. It is not surprising, if interior designers and architects are happy to avoid this debacle and simply take the lowest common denominator. Logically, that is red, um… blue, also not? .. let’s take grey then.

To make it easier for the parties involved and decision-makers to decide about colors, in the following we show different systems which help to make the topic comprehensible in analytical terms.

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Connector panels, connector boxes, control units, retractable screens, microphones and media controls.

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It is proven that people sensitively react to exposure to electric fields.

The climate is also depend on fumes of construction materials and thus also invisible affects the health and performance of employees.
We perform measurements in the low - and high-frequency range for a healthy Office environment and advise on the choice of construction materials and electrical installations.

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