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Use of activeLife Trainer in Prevention and Rehabilitation

Throughout the development of activeLife TrainerTM, the focus was on helping folks be physically active. Our prior research supporting use of this under-desk elliptical trainer focuses mostly on primary prevention among sedentary office workers as well as secondary prevention among overweight or obese individuals. Related scientific articles can be found here: However, in tertiary care and rehabilitation, increasing physical activity and reducing sedentariness is also often highly desirable. Below, please find a list of diagnoses and conditions where activeLife Trainer has been clinically successfully used. Do keep in mind, that before beginning a new physical exercise regimen, it is always necessary to get approval from your physician.

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Use of activeLife TrainerTM, with physician approval, may be particularly indicated for the following conditions:

1) Type 2 Diabetes, because use of activeLife Trainer reduces sedentariness which is a risk factor for many patients with type 2 diabetes
2) Cardiovascular Disease: As demonstrated in prior research, regular use of activeLife Trainer may improve, among other cardiovascular parameters, cardiac output as measured by a reduction in resting heart rate. Many stroke patients find it especially helpful that activeLife Trainer allows physical exercise while safely seated.
3) Being overweight or obese: Studies have shown that even when being used at a low resistance level, activeLife Trainer approximately doubles calories burned per hour compared to sitting or standing. Research has shown regular use of activeLife Trainer may support weight loss and may help users gain lean muscle mass. Because this mini elliptical trainer is used while seated, its use is highly joint friendly and reliably avoids slips and falls - a great benefit especially for obese patients.
4) Varicose Veins and Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) in the Legs: Leg movement supports healthy veins in the legs and thus may help prevent varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis.
5) Rehab after Hip or Knee Surgery: When undergoing knee or hip rehabilitation, many patients find use of activeLife Trainer supports their recovery because it it used while seated.
6) Restless Leg Syndrome: Many patients affected by this condition find it difficult to complete desk work. Use of an office workstation with activeLife Trainer can help these patients be productive.
7) Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Many adolescents and adults with this condition report that moving their legs on an activeLife Trainer improves their ability to concentrate on desk work. Note that activeLife Trainer can be used by adolescents with a height of greater than approximately 127 cm (4’ 2”).

In summary, unless recommended against by your physician, activeLife Trainer may be helpful for all diagnoses and conditions that can be treated or prevented through physical exercise. Use of activeLife Trainer involves your leg muscles and core muscles and roughly doubles your metabolism - similar to going for a leisurely walk or hiking. In contrast to walking, however, use of activeLife Trainer put much less dynamic load on the joints because body weight is supported by the chair. Additionally, when using activeLife Trainer, your hands and your senses are available for other purposes, such as desk work, reading, watching TV, etc. This means that patients who use activeLife Trainer do not need to set any additional time aside for this form of physical exercise.

When using activeLife Trainer for rehabilitation purposes, its smart sensor is also a huge benefit. The sensor is fully Apple and Android compatible and transmits usage data via the international Bluetooth Low Energy protocol for bicycle data. This means users can choose from dozens of free apps, such as “Cateye Cycling”, to track how long they use their activeLife Trainer, how far they ‘walked’ on it, how fast, how many calories they burned, etc. This type of data not only motivates patients but gives physicians and rehab specialists precise usage documentation.

In summary, activeLife Trainer can definitely play a vital role in the rehabilitation and prevention of many disorders and conditions.

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