vitAcoustic 3d-frames - highly sound absorbable changeable acoustics Pictures Frames, Partition Walls and Ceiling Sails and Baffels made of bamboo in 19 colors acoustic PET, as well as Moss pictures with real moss

vitAcoustic Acoustic pictures with real moss acoustic cassette with bamboo wood frame and exchangeable highly sound absorbing PET acoustic panels with moss

Due to the special method of conservation of Island Moss and Hill (Upholstery Moss), the natural materials retain their fresh green, and the moss images and walls do not require artificial light or care or fertilization. VitAcoustic absorber are used as carrier material, which are highly sound absorbing, flame retardant (B1), insensitive to moisture and pliable for use in the 3d frame. We also realize more complex customer requests, such as the dressing of pillars and special design objects according to architect design. The evergreen elements have a particularly impressive effect when different types of moss and coloured vitAcoustic absorber are combined. In view of our manual and filigree production, we are literally a manufactory. Our Moss products are made entirely in Germany. Our Moss is certified to import to China!

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PMEG26_Moss green

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Individual creative Acoustic wall design for:

  • Your apartment,
  • Your Office,
  • Restaurants and
  • Public buildings

Your advantage:

  • Very high sound absorption > 80%
  • Pleasant "quiet" room feeling (feel-good atmosphere)
  • Good listening and understanding of soft tones
  • Visually appealing design
  • Removable inlays (interchangeable frame)

Product Specifications:

  • Acoustic cassette in different dimensions
  • FRAME: Solid wood bamboo 18mm natural or coffee ground (not oiled, painted on request)
  • Filling: Real moss on plate 9mm strong-quality and color: See Selection box
  • Item Condition: New
  • Dimensions: See selection field

Product Details Acoustic Frames:

The frames are made of solid wood bamboo handmade. The surface is finely ground and naturally left. It can be oiled or varnished as an option. A special groove makes it easy to change the inlays. Graceful thin visible frame thickness of only 6mm. Frame thickness inside 18mm. Total frame height 45mm. Standard mass: 400x400mm, 400x800mm, 400x1200mm. Suspension/mounting is equivalent to hanging a picture frame: 1. Pin in the wall and simply hang up or 2. Gallery Rails and mount the cassettes with chains or ropes.


  • Individual sizes
  • Individual shapes

Project prices:

The quantity prices mentioned should give a clue to projects. The prices are ex works. Please ask us for your needs. In return, you will receive an individual offer based on your project or your regular needs. P.S. the single item reference price is the expense for consulting, handy, warehousing, financing, packaging, etc. appropriate and accordingly higher than the project prices.

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