VitAcoustic Acoustic plates (for craftsmen)-Premium Pet

Vitacoustic Premium Pet Polyethylene acoustic panels for individual applications


For craftsmen we offer acoustic panels in the Rohmaß of 2420x1220mm.


Highly absorbent (details in the application must be observed! See Test curves)

B1 Brand Class

Without ingredients, without glues, without dyes.. Zero VOC.. Good for allergy sufferers


Individual creative Acoustic wall design for:


Your apartment,

Your Office,

Restaurants and

Public buildings


Product Specifications:


Premium acoustic panels made of polyethylene 9mm strong 1.9 kg/m² with bamboo texture-quality and color: See Selection box

Measurement: 2420x1220mm (2.95 m ²)

Price basis: Record price ex Works

320.00 €(+61.00 € Tax) 256.00 €(+49.00 € Tax)
Quantity Special price
10  items and more192.00 €(+36.00 € Tax)
30  items and more160.00 €(+30.00 € Tax)
50  items and more128.00 €(+24.00 € Tax)
Article no.: VO8D
pm801 deep ocean
pm843 spring green
pm851 green
pm805 yellow
pm846 orange
pm808 royal red
pm850 purple
pm814 light blue
pm825 sky
pm807 white
pm830 stone
pm836 marble grey
pm837 graphit
pm813 black
pm804 sand
pm844 sepia
pm839 dark brown
pm817 fern
pm819 dark blue
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Your advantage:


Very high sound absorption > 80%

Pleasant "quiet" room feeling (feel-good atmosphere)

Good listening and understanding of soft tones

Visually appealing design

Great color selection to suit your ambience

Good for allergy sufferers, since no emission of the textile pollutant-free acoustic plates

Practical-pin your notes or photos easily.




Low weight, thin acoustic material with great effect,

High color selection (50 colors in stock plus individual colors on request)

Robust and durable

Excellent sound absorption due to special compaction of the fibres

Recycled and recyclable

Intelligent use of resources

Conservation of nature around the environment

Highly absorbent (details in the application are to be observed!)

B1 Brand Class

Without ingredients, without glues, without dyes.. Zero VOC.. Good for allergy sufferers

Textile plates similar to felt, but made of plastic fibres

Different qualities, from rough felt structure to particularly fine, silky surface

Water resistant

Can be produced in any thickness and colour according to customer's requirements.

Low weight

Good value for money


Manufacturing Process:


The pure polyethylene fibres are produced as needle to fabrics, tiles and plates using needle technology. The fibres are woven into each other only by means of needles. No glue and no other binder will be added! Different colors and patterns are created by the fact that fibres are mixed in different colors before. This creates the typical mottled structure of the polyethylene felt plates.

Further processing:



Presses (2d)

Deep Drawing (3d)

Gluing, tacking, screws




Acoustic Wall cladding. The plates are easy to install with a carpet adhesive directly or for a higher sound absorption, on a substructure at a distance.

Individual shapes are easy to cut with the knife, or by means of CNC cutting machine (milling is not possible!) to order from us prefabricated.

Measurement 242x122cm




Individual blanks

Individual shapes

Up to 50 colours on request

Individual printing with samples or photos


Project prices:


The quantity prices mentioned should give a clue to projects. The prices are ex works. Please ask us for your needs. In return, you will receive an individual offer based on your project or your regular needs. P.S. the single item reference price is the expense for consulting, handy, warehousing, financing, packaging, etc. appropriate and accordingly higher than the project prices.

Download Brochures:


vitAcoustic Anwendungsbeispiele für den Innenausbau

Application samples for interior design and decoration

Date 2016-08-26
Language  Multilanguage
File Size 6.3 MB
Download 839

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