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The vital Office GmbH, specialist for Office design and furniture design, is dedicated to the creation of integrated work environments.

The goal: workplaces to the needs of the user to customize. With the help of so-called "organic" office environments improves the company work environment, work equipment, work organization and job content. Creativity, communication, quality of life and performance of employees are promoted and at the same time increases the efficiency. Office workplace pose a variety of physical and mental challenges for the staff. Unergonomic furniture, a bad layout, no privacy - health burdens and poor work results are inevitable. Vital office focuses therefore on the strategy of holistic design of working environments. All together toothed areas are analysed and adapted to the needs of the respective employee or improved. So to promote well-being and personality and creativity and performance come fully into its own.

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Written by 5 August 2016 - 08:57:23

Vital Office is expert when it comes to ergonomics in the Office workplace.

"We know how ergonomic factors associated with emotional enrichment of offices lead to more creativity," says CEO Peter Jordan. This vital Office reveals fundamental errors of conventional office planning and offers practical solutions for optimization of space, efficiency, as well as the stimulation of social intelligence. Everyone needs backing - in the Office Dark monitor bright window, no backing at the desk, reflections of the pane or gloomy rainy weather environment?

Vital Office concepts also promote and deliver particularly the own privacy in the Office workplace, so that employees feel comfortable and good results. Because sufficient privacy means room for individuality. The personal territory of the employee holds the creation of unconsciously created alternative areas of security above that arise when there is no defined private area. A secure backing, a free look forward as well as organic round shapes encourage movement and creativity.

The positive side-effect: Productivity and innovation of rise - a win-win situation for employees and companies. About vital Office GmbH. The vital Office GmbH is committed to the task, to develop systems that inspire and motivate and offer comfort, safety and optimal physiological support at the same time the people in his environment. The company offers its customers a comprehensive service from consultation to planning to the realisation of complete offices. For more information,


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