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Remain healthy with desk solutions from Vital Office

The vital Office group specialist for office optimization, sets new standards concerning functionality and ergonomics. With „powerlift C-frame“ Vital-Office presents a product, which does not only work in the office, but also prevents posture deformity from children.

Most desk workers know the subject very well but nevertheless it is more actual than ever. Most desks are fixed height and cannot be adapted to the respective body size of their user. But each humans are built differently and posture deformities are pre programmed. With its „powerlift C-frame“ Vital Office offers a price relevant solution for all. A concept, which sets new standards regarding stability, functionality, handling and design.

Background: „The power lift C-frame “is a workbench, which is available in three different versions. As single-telescopic and double telescopic version. For the single-step version a low-cost crank execution is available and supplemental with electronically steered high speed engine. Technical specialties of this variant: a gentle starting and stop sequence, an electronic trapping protection as well as a memory switch.

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„The powerlift C-frame“ grows simply with you

the dual telescopic version possesses two connected engines and can be adjusted within a range from 63 to 128 centimeters. And all this on a finger tip, because the adjusting speed with is up to 42 millimeters per second. „When children grow, the power lift grows with them“, says managing director Peter Jordan and refers thereby to the child fitness of the product. The special: With „the power lift C-frame“ no one stays seated, because the power lift grows up to a maximum height of 124 centimeters. A characteristic, which prevents posture deformities and back problems with children and young people.

Vital Office has committed itself to the motivation and health of office-workers.  Providing comfort, security and optimal physiological support in the working atmosphere. Vital-Office products represent an advancement of ergonomics- a relevant factor for a vital and healthy workplace. More information at


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