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Vital-Office Services:

  1. Furniture and Interior Design, Floor Planning, Design Engineering
  2. Interim Management, Project Management, Projection according to specifications, Sourcing, QM Quality Management and Quality Control
  3. Bridgehead to Germany / Bridgehead to China:
Selbst wenn Sie bereits eine Büroplanung haben lohnt es sich, die Meinung eines zweiten Experten anzuhören. Wir überprüfen sorgfältig die ergonomischen Pro und Kontras, die Funktionalität und die leistungsfördernden Faktoren…
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Even if you already have a concrete architectural draft, it still pays to have a second expert’s opinion. We carefully check its ergonomic pros and cons, its functionality and performance…
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Vital-Office was established in 2000, a professional firm that is specializes in the creation of ergonomic office workspace environments.  We provide design, management and project services for corporate office interiors…
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For communication and collaboration the layout and partitioning of offices is most important.
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Bad lightning causes stress, health problems and less productivity, while a lightning concept based on human needs unleashes powers over the whole working day. Reflection, glare and extreme changes in…
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A friendly atmosphere is mirrored in friendly employees through well selected decoration with plants and fountains.
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Colors are the easiest way to generate a good mood. Some rules are important concerning the use in offices. If we look at the cycle of the seasons, spring, summer,…
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Connector panels, connector boxes, control units, retractable screens, microphones and media controls.
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It is proven that people sensitively react to exposure to electric fields. The climate is also depend on fumes of construction materials and thus also invisible affects the health and…
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Integral office design is a requirement for excellent Management. From planning and design to completion we show you how to establish a high performance office. We have made it our…
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Sustainability starts with the design and construction of desks, pedestals and other office furniture products.  Located in Germany our production facilities represent the traditional ”Made in Germany” quality of exceptional…
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You are a small or medium sized company and want explore your chances in China, the world's second largest market? Then we can offer you a fast and cost-saving way.…
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You are a Chinese company and want explore your chances in Europe? Then we can offer you a fast and cost-saving way. Europe and its largest leading market Germany is…
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Vital-Office GmbH

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Vital-Office Shanghai Co.,Ltd

 1515 Changning lu, room 1416/14th floor, Shanghai 200051

 上海新饰力办公用品有限公司| 德国品质|专业服务| 上海市长宁区 长宁路1515号1416室

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