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Vital-Office success story in China (Presentation)

Vital-Office success story in China

1. German production technology brought to China factories

2. Immediate development of new and adapted products to fit into Chinese market

3. Use of local material and advantages e.g. Green Bamboo

4. Professional concepts instead of cheap and fancy products

5. Quickly furnish well known corporations e.g. Kärcher, Changshu / Jungheinrich, Shanghai / H.C. Starck, Gangzhou / Optima packaging Shanghai

  • Short lead time (2-3 weeks)
  • Competitive prices
  • Reliable professional service
  • from planning to installation

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Vital-Office architectural design

1. Design and architectural services all around offices

  • a. 20 years experience and leading development
  • b. Scientific research presented in lectures e.g. to international conferences from Hongkong to New York

2. Ergonomic, space efficient and enhancing (Feng Shui) office planning

  • Expertise in professional office planning and ergonomics integrates Feng Shui form school

3. Customer’s advantage:

  • Attractive office environment to keep workers (reduce fluctuation)
  • Healthy ergonomic workplace to prevent physical and psychological illness
  • Reduced Stress -> better performance
  • Social needs respected -> better collaboration

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