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Your bridge to China: Representation, Sales Start, Your first employee, Marketing, Project & Interims Management

You are a small or medium sized company and want explore your chances in China, the world's second largest market? Then we can offer you a fast and cost-saving way.

China doesn't make it easy for newcomers. Besides language and cultural differences newcomers face a highly complicated and restrictive bureaucracy. And many costs on monthly basis, which cannot be avoided. Founding your own company is almost a no-return task, with lot of money spent. Also you need consider, that it takes up to 1 year, till you are able to act as a company, e.g. write invoices and transfer money from and to your bank accounts.

Competiveness in China is very high and need to know your competitors, build your network and differentiate yourself on the market. This cannot be achieved through a market research. You need to be active in the market yourself, with your own chinese speaking employee.

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You need to be active in the market yourself, with your own Chinese employee.

Our China start-up offer includes hiring your employee for you and manage all administrative tasks within our registered Chinese company. Furthermore connect you to our extensive network and guide your employee towards the targets you want achieve.

Let us talk. In a phone call we can quickly find out your best options to start your business in China with minimum costs.
Please call +49 7248 93566-90 and ask for Peter Jordan (CEO).


"Specialist knowledge is at the root of our expertise"

Our services aim to increase the value of your business. We are guided by your individual needs when developing process improvements. Our team creates realistic concepts for the optimal realisation of your business objectives through the use of experienced working methods.

  • Implementation of our clients' growth objectives
  • Identification of new market trends and market research
  • Detailed market and target group screening and analysis of potential
  • Strategy consulting and planning
  • Selection and inspection of potential distribution partners and clients
  • Market entry strategy, marketing concepts and brand registration
  • Expansion of sales/service networks, including own local client presence
  • Provision of office space and staff
  • Central coordination of local sales and marketing
  • Organisation, monitoring and follow up of trade fair appearances
  • Order processing (importation, customs, logistics, payment processing etc.)
  • Representative office establishment, including office staff selection and recruitment



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