What you hear is often different from what you see. Acoustically good room design is not so easy. A consultant should bring well-founded basic knowledge and practical experience. All shown…
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In order for a room acoustic measure to be calculated and assessed realistically, well-founded acoustic physical basic knowledge and practical experience is appropriate. In particular, the initial values of reality…
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The DIN 18041 regulates, among other things, the requirements for room acoustics for Office, conference and classroom rooms and applies to rooms with a room volume up to about 5…
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Can be used especially in childrens rooms, kindergartens and schools: VitAcoustic polyethylene material is free of pollutants without the supply of odour and emission. They are friendly to the skin…
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A new development with low costs but at the same time highly efficient in sound absorption: A beautiful opportunity to bring together design and function are the solid wood bamboo…
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Für die meisten von uns entfacht sich die Begeisterung erst dann, wenn man ein fertiges Originalprodukt in den Händen hält und es mit all seinen Sinnen erleben kann. Deshalb möchten…
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FAQ - Our answers to the most important questions about real moss, moss pictures, moss frames, moss walls, hay pictures, hay flower with hay flowers Experience unique acoustic panels for…
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Acoustics "beautiful" design with small and large-scale high-absorbing acoustic absorbers in 19 standard colors. This makes acoustic absorbers a design element - without it costing more. You design with original colored vitAcoustic…
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VitAcoustic Polyethylene Acoustic Material: Our quality acoustic products are produced from recycled Kunsstoffflaschen and their further processing to textile fibres, which are very robust and durable. We make use of…
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Vitacoustic PREMIUM PET polyethylene acoustic panels for individual applications  For craftsmen we offer the acoustic plates in the raw dimension of 2420x1220mm. Premium acoustic panels made of polyethylene 9mm thick…
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Vitacoustic PREMIUM PET Polyethylene Acoustic Panel sheets for individual applications  For home and craftsmen, we offer the acoustic panels in individual sizes. Select the section size for price determination Enter…
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vitAcoustic Polyethylene Acoustic Material Data Sheet / Technical Data: vitAcoustic PET plates 9mm Textile panels similar to felt, but made of synthetic fibers Highly absorbent (details in the application are…
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Highly absorbing sound absorber as a tambour door and furniture surface for modular cabinets A large absorber area and at the same time the highest sound-absorbing values ​​of Class A…
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Highly absorbent flexible sound absorbers as roller shutters for blinds cabinets Flexible vitAcoustic panels as shutters for Qiboard roller shutter cabinets. With approx. 2m² of highly absorptive absorber surface and the…
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Highly absorbent sound absorbers for caddies and containers Each container or caddy has approx. 1 m² of highly absorptive absorber surface. Thus, a very high sound absorption is already achieved in…
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Highly sorbent, flexible vitAcoustic sound absorbers as blinds for roller shutter cabinets cost-effectively transform barriers into highly effective broadband absorbers. Following the principle of microperforation, the textile vitAcoustic panels combined with…
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Höchstabsorbierende Schallabsorber als Stellwand und Tischpartition in flexibler, biegbarer Ausführung. Standfuß oder Tischklemme im Aluminium Profil individuell höheneinstellbar. Kombination von verschiedenen Größen und Farben. Verbindungsprofile und flexible Scharniere.
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Individuell kreative akustische Wandgestaltung für: Ihre Wohnung, Ihr Büro, Gaststätten und öffentliche Gebäude Ihr Vorteil: Sehr hohe Schallabsorption >80% Angenehm "leises" Raumgefühl (Wohlfühlatmosphäre) Gutes Hören und Verstehen von leisen Tönen…
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Vitacoustic PREMIUM PET Polyethylen Akustikvorhänge Zuschnitte für individuelle Anwendungen Für Heim- und Handwerker bieten wir die Akustikplatten in individuellen Zuschnitten an. Wählen Sie die Abschnittsgröße zur Preisermittlung Geben Sie im…
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Acoustic panel curtains are transparent or translucent sound absorbing foils with print on individual motifs and images. It can be installed in front of walls and glass facades. It allows…
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The transparent or translucent acoustic absorbers reduce reverberation times and noise levels. Almost invisible with the transparent foils the architecture inside can still be seen.The foils are easy to install…
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Motivation, stimulation and inspiration are keys to a better performance. A multiple benefit is achieved through combination of images with acoustic sound absorption. The product „Vital-Office® acoustic-panel-blinds“ absorbs sound and…
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Akustikvorhänge, das sind transparente, bedruckte Folien, die den  Reflexionsschall und die Nachhallzeit senken. Die Folien sind als Flächenvorhänge leicht und flexibel einsetzbar. Sie ermöglichen Visionen von Transparenz und Raum auch…
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Die Meetings bei Steininger Strassenbauprodukte in Pfinztal/Söllingen machten den Teilnehmern schon lange keine Freude mehr. Zu viel Lärm im Raum machte die Meetings nicht besser.
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