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Vital-Office Intro, Unternehmensgrundsätze, Historie, Qualität, Umweltfreundlich und Gesund, Deutsche oder Chinesische Produktion, Portfolio, Geschäftsfelder, Produkte und Dienstleistungen

Date 2016-11-15
Language  German
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Offices are places where we spend a considerable part of our lives; it is therefore important to rethink office design.
Is it possible to create offices that are enriching environments that stimulate creativity? Can office design lead to more joy and comfort at work?
Can Feng Shui principles be used to facilitate the design of enriching office environments?

Date 2016-08-21
Language  English
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Introduction of Vital-Office: Vital-Office introduction, Corporate principles, History, Trusted Quality, Green and Safe, German or Chinese production, Portfolio, Business divisions, products and services

Date 2016-11-15
Language  English
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Introducing Feng Shui Fortune and Business Excellence at the Workplace - Shanghai 26. Mai 2015

Good Feng Shui at the workplace can nurture your fortune and health, while bad Feng Shui and bad office ergonomics can cost money, reputation and health problems on the long run. The concept of business excellence is a similar way. Only one integral process, starting with the planning and the involvement of the employees through to realization, resulting in office workplaces in which the employees can live Business Excellence.

Abstract: Business excellence and it’s correlation to Feng Shui.

Statistics like Gallup show how difficult it is to achieve business excellence and a self-learning organization with engaged employees and team working. Well engineered factories are half of the success. Neglecting the importance of office design results in a rigid, restriction driven organization. All Statistics and TQM studies show that Team working is the main key to sustainable success. To achieve team working in our offices, we need overcome the Cartesian division and perceive the organization as integral system (likewise in Business excellence). Feng Shui, in the selected and scientifically analyzed way of the Vital-Office Concept offers practical methods to analyze and implement working organizational structures with the help of environmental stimulation towards attitude, quality, collaboration and Team work.

Date 2016-11-15
Language  English
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Vital-Office Argumentation VO-2 als Präsentation

Date 2016-11-16
Language  German
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German furniture manufacturing

Vital Office GmbH

 D-75334 Straubenhardt, Holzbachtal 204

  +49 7248 93566-90

  +49 7248 93566-97

  [email protected]


International Export

Vital Office Hongkong Limited

 Rooms 05-15,13A/F, South Tower, World Finance Centre, Harbour City, 17 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

  [email protected]

Chinese furniture manufacturing

Vital-Office Shanghai Co.,Ltd


  [email protected]

 Wechat ID: Vital-Office

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