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vitAcoustic 3d-frames - highly sound absorbable changeable acoustics Pictures Frames, Partition Walls and Ceiling Sails and Baffels made of bamboo in 19 colors acoustic PET, as well as Moss pictures with real moss

VitAcoustic 3d Frames - an acoustically correct concept

A new development with low costs but with a high degree of efficiency in sound absorption. The solid wood bamboo frames, in which vitAcoustic panels can be clipped without tools and easily removed and replaced, are a great way to bring design and function together. At home, in the office and even in public buildings, this creates appealing and highly absorbent wall decorations with at the same time pleasant room acoustics. The system can be extended at any time and with it the desired sound absorption.

The vitAcoustic PET absorber plates are highly sound-absorbing, flame retardant (B1), insensitive to moisture and flexible for use in the 3d-frame. The filigree frames are made of solid bamboo and are available in three sizes and thicknesses. Thus, a three-dimensional design effect of the wall can be achieved.

Very individual ideas can be implemented by printing the panels with ornaments, personal photos or company slogans. The evergreen elements are particularly impressive when different moss types and colored vitAcoustic absorber panels are combined. Made to measure: natural elements transparent or semi-transparent on colored vitAcoustic absorber plates. Design your individual acoustic nature picture with the 19 vitAcoustic colors and real hay, hay flowers and moss.

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A good sound absorption is achieved only by the effective application of the absorber materials!

When absorbing materials are applied directly to a hard surface, the absorption is limited to the high tones. The degree of absorption is classified as low absorbing with class E. For an effective pleasant room acoustics the absorption of the low tones is necessary!

Good sound absorption requires a distance (cavity) between the absorber and a reverberant surface. (Physics)

The greater the distance, the more the low tones are absorbed. 
In the adjacent graph the measured values ​​are shown at different distances from 50mm to 200mm.


3D frame in different thicknesses (cavity), with graceful dovetail groove for easy insertion and replacement of the absorber plates.

  • Maximum sorbent for high efficiency in smaller areas.
  • Suitable for wall and ceiling applications. Optimal for a creative and individual wall or ceiling design.
  • Portable and changeable. You can rearrange, rotate or use the vitAcoustic 3d-frames at any time.
  • A long-lasting concept. There are no limits to your ideas. Because the vitacoustic plates can be easily processed.

The 3D frames allow easy insertion and replacement of the sound-absorbing VitAcoustic panels.

  • For example, house installations such as fuse boxes can be concealed decorative yet accessible.
  • The eccentric wall hooks, which are specially adapted to the 3D frames, secure and fix the frames to the wall.

The inlays can be exchanged for vitAkustik at any time and without tools using other colors or real moss.

How to design green walls:

  • for example in combination with vitAcoustic colors or
  • a full green wall with various mosses and mosses.

There are no limits to your ideas.

Because the vitacoustic plates can be easily processed.

  • For example here - A subtle brochure compartment,
  • and in this 3d frame a built-in display with motion sensor and battery pack.
  • and stereo speakers with amplifiers in overlying 3d frame.
  • Suitable for trade fairs, showrooms and information displays.

And another very practical benefit:

  • Use pinpoints to pin your notes, photos, business cards and charts.
  • The division of the 3d frames and the interchangeable colored inlays lend themselves to defining areas for your pins.

The frames are made of ecological bamboo solid wood in artisanal quality.

  • Optionally in surface light or coffee tone.
  • In addition, the frames are offered painted in different colors.
  • The frame height is available in 45, 65 or 85mm. With the combination of different frame thicknesses, interesting 3d effects can be achieved in the wall or ceiling design.
  • The filling is a high-quality stable vitAkustik plate in 9mm thickness, with a volume weight of 2kg per square meter. This high volume weight achieves the inherent stability and high acoustic efficiency that is comparable to similar but much thicker materials.

The vitAcoustic absorbers are made from recycled PET plastic bottles and their further processing into textile fibers, which are produced like needle felt without any adhesive.


  • low weight.
  • high sound absorption.
  • Robust and durable.
  • Recyclable.
  • Fire class B1.
  • Without ingredients - suitable for allergy sufferers and kindergartens.
  • Water resistant.
  • Good value for money.
  • Unlimited color selection: In addition to the 19 standard colors we paint and print them in all colors, textures and your photo motives.

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