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Vital-Office offers ergonomic enhanced office design planning and
office furniture, conference tables with media integration and acoustic sound absorbing decoration.

Vitacoustics - acoustics sound absorbing products and solutions using modern materials like acoustic PET felt and micro perforated foils like Microsorber.
Conference - Quality made boardroom furniture, including a wide range of conference & boardroom tables, including integrated plug-boxes and media technique.
Infinitydesign - Ergonomic office furniture: a complete range of products including height adjustable desks, caddies, pedestals and modular storage units
Circon|executive - Executive Desks. Director Level Design Furniture. Designed as tool for the Modern Management Team.


VitAcoustic: Sound-absorbing shutter cabinets

Highly absorbent flexible vitAcoustic sound absorbers as blinds for shutter cabinets transform barrier into highly effective broadband absorbers cost-effectively. Following the principle of microperforation, the textile vitAcoustic plates, combined with a cavity (cabinet interior), develop an almost linear broadband absorption, especially in language-relevant areas. The vitAcoustic shutters, available in up to 50 colours, are usually cheaper than comparable PVC blinds.

Your advantage:

  1. Pleasantly quiet room atmosphere with good speech intelligibility.
  2. Cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to PVC blinds with or without acoustic function
  3. Large color selection for more design flexibility
  4. The material is E0, B1 and recyclable (PET)
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VitAcoustic 3d Frames-an acoustically correct concept

Good sound absorption is only achieved by the effective application of the absorber!

If absorbent materials are applied directly to a hard surface, the absorption is limited to the high notes. The degree of absorption is classified as low-absorbing with Class E. For effective pleasant room acoustics, however, the absorption of the deep tones is required!

Good sound absorption requires a distance (cavity) between absorber and a sound-hard surface. Physics)

The greater the distance, the more the deep tones are absorbed.

In the adjacent graphic the measured values are shown at different distances from 50mm to 200mm.

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ActiveLifeTrainer - 3.Generation: Buy Now

Elliptical under Table Ergometer with Bluetooth interface to fitness apps that you can easily connect and loosen with your office chair. Set pedal resistance and you can move and stay fit as much as you want.

The elliptical tread is so gentle and natural that your upper body and muscles are completely free for precise work on the mouse and keyboard. A great feeling. Your hand movements to the mouse or keyboard are just as accurate as usual. (It doesn't wobble!)

Easily transportable by a light weight of only 14.5 kg and reels. Simply lift and move to the next place. The smallest dimensions ensure that the device does not interfere with the table and that you are still free in your usual working movements.

  • professional device with ball bearings and Bluetooth fitness app (no comparison to simple table bicycles)
  • the Activelifetrainer fits under every table
  • secure connection with any desk chair
  • Easy movement-no sweating or "puffing"
  • safe seat-no slipping and no falling
  • Natural Elliptical movement-how to walk
  • If you can walk and talk at the same time, then you can use the ActiveLifeTrainer
  • legs remain low so that your knees do not strike at the table
  • very quiet system. Virtually inaudible in an office environment
  • available from stock
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06.07.2017 - Der Natur im Arbeitsalltag wieder ein Stück näher kommen - Vital-Office Akustik Kreativseminar

Wir möchten mit Ihnen gemeinsam dieses spannende Thema erforschen und Sie hierzu einladen.


  • Do. 06.07.2017 10-16:00 Uhr im Holzbachtal, bei Vital-Office, Holzbachtal 204, 75334 Straubenhardt, Tel.:  +49 7248 93566-90, Fax: +49 7248 93566-97, eMail: [email protected]
  • Do. 28.09.2017 10-16:00 Uhr im Holzbachtal, bei Vital-Office, Holzbachtal 204, 75334 Straubenhardt, Tel.:  +49 7248 93566-90, Fax: +49 7248 93566-97, eMail: [email protected]

Zum bereits ganzheitlichen Büromöbelkonzept von Vital-Office (Ref.: „Das Vital-Office Konzept“ ISBN 978-3-94356-01-7 erhältlich bei Amazon), haben wir mit unserem neuen Akustikmaterial  einen wichtigen zusätzlichen Baustein hinzugefügt. Ein weiterer Schritt, um uns mit der Natur  wieder etwas mehr zu verbinden.

Wir möchten Ihnen gerne mehr darüber berichten:

  • wie es unser ganzheitliches Vital-Office Konzept bereichert und mithilft, unseren Arbeitsalltag auszubalancieren
  • über seine Entstehung, Zusammensetzung, seine außergewöhnliche Schallabsorptionseigenschaften und wie es den Weg zu Vital-Office gefunden hat
  • wie vielseitig, unkompliziert und flexibel es in den unterschiedlichsten Bereichen eingesetzt werden kann
  • wie Sie selbst Ihrer Kreativität Ausdruck verleihen und eigene Ideen und Vorstellungen bzw. die Ihrer Kunden durch uns verwirklichen lassen können.
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Vital-Office - Autumn Newsletter - remarkable projects and low-priced acoustic furniture

With many nice holiday memories in our luggage, we would like to start with you again after the summer break and live the last quarter of the year successfully and creatively. We have again realized valuable projects with some of our partners, which we would like to introduce to you as an inspiration, as well as some remarkable acoustic products:

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Acoustic calculator According to DIN 18041-online calculation of sound absorption in offices, conference rooms and classrooms

In order for a room acoustic measure to be calculated and assessed realistically, well-founded acoustic physical basic knowledge and practical experience is appropriate. In particular, the initial values of reality must be determined accordingly. For sensitive areas, the measurement should be carried out professionally by an acoustic expert. Alternatively, at least a provisional measurement should be performed with a phone app repeatedly. The provisional measurement serves only as a guideline for the selection of the room materials and their absorption coefficients in the acoustic calculator. Basically, any calculation without professional measurements of the initial situation is hypothetical!


Low frequencies are absorbed differently than high frequencies. Glass surfaces (Windows) or a normal office cabinet made of chipboard in different thicknesses, when you hit the resonance of the deep tones, can act for the low frequencies absorbing. However, a correct calculation is hardly possible due to the lack of measured data of the objects. On the basis of a measurement, special depth absorbers (vibrating resonators) need to be specifically set.

The calculations are based on measured data from objects and materials. Some of these are listed in the DIN 18041 exemplary. Others are taken from various sources for their correctness and conformity with the actual existing object or material there is no guarantee.

Area is important-small elements, for example, are simply overlooked by lower frequencies due to the long wavelength. Even with a-class absorbers, an adequately large absorbing surface is required in relation to the size of the room. In communication rooms, absorbers on the ceiling are sparingly and consciously dealt with. Here is more of a reflection desired!

Vital-Office therefore recommends the use of flexible acoustically effective products. Acoustic products that are divisible and easy to install and can be easily removed if necessary. This makes the investment in acoustically effective products more sustainable, more economical and more effective. For example, the VitAcoustic 3d frames. The VitAcoustic 3d frames have additional positive acoustic properties (among others on the lower frequencies) through the nested bamboo solid wood frames.

P.S. in the table "VO01" of the acoustic calculator, example values for a conference room and in VO02 for a club room are entered according to the adjacent 360 degree panorama picture.

Contributors to the Project acoustic calculator:

We are happy to share the original Excel with a contributing community similar to an open source project. Interested parties are kindly asked to contact [email protected] by e-mail. Further development steps are:

Extension and addition of the material and object database, in particular measured values of standard furnishings or entire exemplary facilities by room size.

Extension by further calculation formulas (currently only Sabine was chosen) and their comparative comparison.

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News: Vital-Office - Bewährtes festigen und mutig neue Wege gehen

Sehr geehrte Vital-Office Freunde, Kunden und Partner,

Ein ereignisreiches Jahr ging zu Ende und schon beginnen wir ein neues! Da bleibt sicher auch etwas Zeit inne zu halten, um Bewährtes zu festigen, aber auch mutig neue Wege zu gehen.

„Willst Du wertvolle Dinge sehen, so brauchst du nur dorthin zu blicken, wohin die große Menge nicht sieht.“ – Laotse

Wir wünschen Ihnen, Ihren Mitarbeitern und Familien für das neue Jahr viel Gesundheit, Zufriedenheit und Erfolg.

Wertvolle Projekte haben wir mit einigen unserer Partner vergangenes Jahr erblickt und realisiert, herzlichen Dank an dieser Stelle für Ihr Vertrauen und auch für die angenehme Arbeit im Team. 2017 freuen wir uns darauf, dass Sie uns erneut fordern, um auch weiterhin für Sie etwas Besonderes zu tun. Zum Jahresausklang möchten wir noch gerne einige Vital-Office Highlights der vergangenen Monate mit Ihnen teilen. Zwei sehr schöne, repräsentative Großprojekte, bei denen unser gesamtes Planungsknowhow zum Einsatz kommen durfte, deren Umsetzung äußerst interessant war und viel Spaß bereitete:

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Ihr Vorteil: Büroplanungspakete und individuelles Angebot

Selbst wenn Sie bereits eine Büroplanung haben lohnt es sich, die Meinung eines zweiten Experten anzuhören. Wir überprüfen sorgfältig die ergonomischen Pro und Kontras, die Funktionalität und die leistungsfördernden Faktoren ihrer Büroeinrichtung. Vital-Office® ist immer etwas Besonderes. In unserem Streben nach konsequenter Ausrichtung der Büromöbel und der Umgebung auf die ganzheitliche Gesundung des Menschen und des Unternehmens konstituieren wir uns oftmals als harmonischen Kontrapunkt zu architektonisch geradliniger Gebäudeplanung.

Leben und Kreativität ist Bewegung! Lassen Sie sich inspirieren. Fordern Sie uns auf, Ihre Büroplanung zu analysieren oder Ihnen eine neue Vital-Office® Büroplanung zu erarbeiten.

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Büroplanung - Repräsentatives Großraum Projekt...

Ein repräsentatives Großraum Büroplanungs Projekt zeigt auf, wie man durch intelligente Verschachtelung von Vital-Office Arbeitsplätzen trotz engen Platzverhältnissen ein angenehmes Wohlfühl(großraum)büro schaffen kann. Eine entsprechende Auswahl der Wandfarben lassen unsere Bambusoberflächen in neuer Atmosphäre erscheinen. Ein sehr schönes, repräsentatives Projekt, bei denen unser gesamtes Planungsknowhow zum Einsatz kommen durfte und in ihrer Umsetzung äußerst interessant war.

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Book publication: The Vital Office Concept...

The time that people spend working in the office is a regular part of life that has impacts on people’s health. The office is a working environment with many physical and psychological demands, challenges, and stresses which have a long-term effect on the person working in an office. These demands, challenges, and stresses in offices can cause psychological problems and physical ailments. A meticulous and holistic design of the working environment, however, can promote creativeness and significantly contribute to the wellbeing of body and mind. This design also promotes productivity and innovation.

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Effective room acoustics in good health...

Can be used especially in baby/Kinderzimmern, kindergartens and schools:

VitAcoustic polyethylene material is free of pollutants without the supply of odour and emission. They are friendly to the skin and airways and can therefore be used completely harmlessly in areas where babies and children play and learn. In combination with an effective sound absorption, one sets the course for a healthy, stress-free and concentration-enhancing development.

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Room acoustics in offices and conference rooms-sou...

What you hear is often different from what you see. Acoustically good room design is not so easy. A consultant should bring well-founded basic knowledge and practical experience. All shown and advertising-strongly published absorption values are to be evaluated in relation to the application in the room and the processing of the product. For example, a huge difference arises whether the sound absorbing material is directly applied to a hard surface or is mounted at a distance.

In this respect, the thickness of the material also plays a role. However, for the most part only in the mass as it increases the distance to the hard surface. In practical terms, this means that a thinner material achieves the same sound absorption when it is mounted at a distance. Depending on the application, a cost-benefit comparison between a. thick material and B. Thinner material with substructure makes sense.

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Cum Natura: Natürlich wohlfühlen mit harmonisch ru...

"Ihre Möbel und vor allem Ihr Konzept finde ich überzeugend. Die außergewöhnliche Form der Möbel und Ihr Ansatz nach Feng Shui passen sehr gut zu Cum Natura." Stefan Kumm

Die Imkerei Cum Natura GmbH entschied sich für die harmonisch runden Vital-Office Schreibtische, sowie Akustikelemente und TrueLight Leuchten nach ganzheitlicher Beratung und Planung unter Einbeziehung von Feng Shui Beraterin Sylvia Diemer.

 Kunde: Cum Natura GmbH, Bienenprodukte, Hauptstraße 56b, D- 77830 Bühlertal,
 Industrie: Naturprodukte, Imkerei, Honig Herstellung und Vertrieb
 Gebäude: Büro
 Arbeitsplätze: <20
 Typ: Sachbearbeiter Büros
 Vision: Feng-Shui, Natürlichkeit, Ergonomie und Wohlfühlen
 Feng Shui Beraterin: Sylvia Diemer



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The Vital-Office® Concept - For a better quality ...

The time that people spend working in the office is a regular part of life that has impacts on people’s health. The office is a working environment with many physical and psychological demands, challenges, and stresses which have a long-term effect on the person working in an office. These demands, challenges, and stresses in offices can cause psychological problems and physical ailments.

A meticulous and holistic design of the working environment, however, can promote creativeness and significantly contribute to the wellbeing of body and mind. This design also promotes productivity and innovation.


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Vital-Office® Bamboo Office...

In the Vital-Office Concept (published as book) the objectives and influence factors of human stress-free and healthy Office design is defined. Among other things it is assumed that the value of our environment affects the quality of our work. The psychological factors involved are complex. ... The desk is a tool that allows you to work with ease and same time is influencing your long term health. It is the heart piece of office furniture.

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Steh-Sitz Schreibtisch: Joker Rund in Dekor...

Original Ergonomie und Feng Shui optimierter Vital-Office Schreibtisch mit anthropometrisch runder Vital-Office Schreibtischplatte und natürlich gewachster MDF Naturkante. Ein wertiger Schreibtisch zum Wohlfühlen. Extrem platzsparend durch die flächeneffiziente Vital-Office Rundform. Passt harmonisch in Räume, wo ein gerader Schreibtisch in gleicher Größe nicht mehr passen würde. Beliebige Drehwinkel ermöglichen optimale Feng Shui Positionen mit Backing und Übersicht.


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