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Smart Solutions in Office Design

Vital-Office offers ergonomic enhanced office design planning and
manufacture office furniture, conference tables with media integration and acoustic sound absorbing decoration.

Vitacoustics - acoustics sound absorbing products and solutions using modern materials like acoustic PET felt and micro perforated foils like Microsorber.
Conference - Quality made boardroom furniture, including a wide range of conference & boardroom tables, including integrated plug-boxes and media technique.
Infinitydesign - Ergonomic office furniture: a complete range of products including height adjustable desks, caddies, pedestals and modular storage units
Circon|executive - Executive Desks. Director Level Design Furniture. Designed as tool for the Modern Management Team.


Vital-Office News: Easily reduce noise with affordable vitAcoustic Solutions

Is your office too loud? Do you feel stressed through the noise at your workplace? Or do you feel you need better acoustic at your home or business location. Then check the following information.

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How saddle chairs and open angle sitting foster communication and collaboration

Beside the healthy upright sitting position, there are much more advantages using saddle-like WEY-chairs. Used together with height adjustable desks, they significantly can increase collaboration and communication in an office. Foster teamwork and emotional qualities within a corporate culture. Additionally enhance the dynamics within an office, while people stand-up more easily and frequently.

This is achieved by lifting all office desk's heights to a higher level, which is closer to a stand-up position.


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Vitacoustic Mass Zuschnitte (für Heim- + Handwerker) - PURE PET

Vitacoustic PURE PET Polyethylen Akustikplatten Zuschnitte für individuelle Anwendungen

Für Heim- und Handwerker bieten wir die Akustikplatten in individuellen Zuschnitten an.

  1. Wählen Sie die Abschnittsgröße zur Preisermittlung
  2. Geben Sie im Feld darunter die gewünschten Masse und deren gewünschte Anzahl ein. (Z.B. 3 Stk. 350x300mm) Bitte achten Sie darauf, daß die Zuschnitte in das gewählten Abschnittsmaß hinein passen.
  3. Wählen Sie die Farbe


Akustikplatten aus Polyethylen 9mm stark - Qualität und Farbe: siehe Auswahlfeld
Plattenmaß: siehe Auswahlfeld
Preisbasis: Plattenpreis ab Werk

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WEY-chair 106 saddle chair DUOcolor RED

WEY-chair 106: orthopaedic swivel chair with saddle-like seat which is suitable also for women, backrest in cross shape with integrated ellbow armrests, multifunctional mechanism with seat tilt adjustment, sliding seat, height-adjustable backrest, higher gas spring and durable cover in black fabric, back in RED fabric

Ergonomic seating concept of upright sitting based on Scandinavian ergonomics (Balans, HAG capisco, etc). This is achieved by sitting in an open angle. The hip angle lift the spine to an ergonomical natural s-shape like interlocking gears.

(Tax applies for Germany only)

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The Vital-Office® Concept - For a better quality of life in a healthy office world -

The time that people spend working in the office is a regular part of life that has impacts on people’s health. The office is a working environment with many physical and psychological demands, challenges, and stresses which have a long-term effect on the person working in an office. These demands, challenges, and stresses in offices can cause psychological problems and physical ailments.

A meticulous and holistic design of the working environment, however, can promote creativeness and significantly contribute to the wellbeing of body and mind. This design also promotes productivity and innovation.


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Kärcher Changshu - Ergonomic Green Bamboo Office

Kärcher is a leading cleaning global brand. It provides the top-class cleaning facilities and cleaning solutions for business, public industries and home. It is the largest production center in Asian-Pacific market of Kaercher. (www.kaercher.cn) Vital-Office provides a system office planning and equipment for Kaercher Changshu factory in a healthy and modern style.

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Vital-Office Design Thinking

Vital-Office sees office design as inspiration and interaction on all levels. From the basics of ease of use (ergonomics) to stimulation of social interaction, collaboration and communication. Focused on improvements in office performance we help our clients envision a succesful future and facilitate a progressing competitivness within his offices. Leverage stimulating design powers to generate "feel good" office environments that foster real transformation into team working powers.


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Cum Natura: Natürlich wohlfühlen mit harmonisch runden Vital-Office Schreibtischen und TrueLight Akustik-Licht Kombination

"Ihre Möbel und vor allem Ihr Konzept finde ich überzeugend. Die außergewöhnliche Form der Möbel und Ihr Ansatz nach Feng Shui passen sehr gut zu Cum Natura." Stefan Kumm

Die Imkerei Cum Natura GmbH entschied sich für die harmonisch runden Vital-Office Schreibtische, sowie Akustikelemente und TrueLight Leuchten nach ganzheitlicher Beratung und Planung unter Einbeziehung von Feng Shui Beraterin Sylvia Diemer.

 Kunde: Cum Natura GmbH, Bienenprodukte, Hauptstraße 56b, D- 77830 Bühlertal,
 Shop: www.cumnatura.de
 Industrie: Naturprodukte, Imkerei, Honig Herstellung und Vertrieb
 Gebäude: Büro
 Arbeitsplätze: <20
 Typ: Sachbearbeiter Büros
 Vision: Feng-Shui, Natürlichkeit, Ergonomie und Wohlfühlen
 Feng Shui Beraterin: Sylvia Diemer http://international-spacedesign.com



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Presentation and Literature: Introducing Feng Shui...

Dear … ,

It was a pleasure meeting so much people at our Forum on 26th Mai 2015.
What is your opinion? Do you see possibilities working together?

Based on our expertise in Feng Shui, ergonomics and management, we can provide diligent design and project services for corporate office interiors in a time saving way for our clients, designers and architects.

Wherever your next office is, we collaborate with you to select exactly which combination of our work is most useful for your project. Working for designers and architects, we facilitate your design ideas to meet ergonomics, Feng-Shui and modular furniture parts with 3d renderings.

We perceive office design as inspiration and interaction on all levels. From the basics of ease of use (ergonomics) to stimulation of social interaction, collaboration and communication. Leverage stimulating design powers to generate "feel good" office environments that foster real transformation into team working powers. The Vital-Office standard design products derive from our conceptual design work and facilitate the requirements defined for Your office concept.

Don't hesitate to get a quote. Simply call or email us :)

Peter Jordan

Here you will find the presentations held and additional literature / references and reviews and comments: (Scroll down)


Business excellence and it’s correlation to Feng Shui.

Statistics like Gallup show how difficult it is to achieve business excellence and a self-learning organization with engaged employees and team working. Well engineered factories are half of the success. Neglecting the importance of office design results in a rigid, restriction driven organization. All Statistics and TQM studies show that Team working is the main key to sustainable success. To achieve team working in our offices, we need overcome the Cartesian division and perceive the organization as integral system (likewise in Business excellence). Feng Shui, in the selected and scientifically analyzed way of the Vital-Office Concept offers practical methods to analyze and implement working organizational structures with the help of environmental stimulation towards attitude, quality, collaboration and Team work.

In the extended seminars we go in depth and outline practical methods and examples and participants receive a certificate for attending the course.

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Artundweise Newport, Bremen - new creative work en...

Artundweise, an agency for web design and application development, needed to relocate in a more modern office building and Vital-Office was hired to plan their new creative work environment.
Rather than planning a standard open space office, Vital-Office analyzed fundamental ergonomic principles and their correlations to health, vitality and motivation.

Leading to a holistic ergonomic concept which included:

  • architectural design and room partitioning,
  • healthy light installation,
  • sound absorbing acoustic panels and
  • height adjustable desk with ecological and healthy tops out of bamboo hard wood.

Question: How do the coworkers accept the new office concept?
"Dear Mr. Jordan,
I have the impression, very very well. It is a well-being office. Not only the coworkers - all who have to do something with (land-lord, construction team, phone company, and much more) are emphasized, astonished and inspired.
The whole office is exceptional and outrages between the other offices. It is therefore taken as reference by the land-lord (Grosse) for other lofts which are still open to rent.
Best regards" Gerlinde Jones, artundweise GmbH, Agentur für digitale Kommunikation Konsul-Schmidt-Str. 8L, 28217 Bremen

 Customer: artundweise GmbH, Agentur für digitale Kommunikation Konsul-Schmidt-Str. 8L, 28217 Bremen
 Link: http://www.artundweise.de
 Industry: Medien, IT
 Building: Büro
 Workplaces: >50
 Type: programming and standard office work
 Vision: Feng-Shui, Ergonomics, attractiveness, appreciation and feel-good environment
 Planning and Design: Vital-Office

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Corporate principles...

Vital-Office is the virtue of empathy in complex relationships between humans and the office environment.

  • We assist the builder as a consultant and the architect as a professional planner.
  • Our work is characterized, to plan and design jobs optimal for humans and companies.
  • Our cross-functional expertise is based on over 20 years experience in the design of vibrant vital Offices.
  • Vital Office is committed to the task, to design offices that inspire and motivate and offer comfort, safety and optimal physiological support at the same time.

Our aim is to create a living office space.

  • We bring together ergonomic office planning and furniture design, modern Baubiology and a traditional way of performance-enhancing interior design and decoration (Feng Shui).
  • Vital Office Group consists of various experts in each field and offers full size service out of one hand.
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Firmengruppe Aumann Ziemetshausen (Augsburg) erric...

Im Frühjar 2015 haben wir ein schönes Projekt fertiggestellt. Für eine Firma, bei der gute Arbeit mit Holz eine besondere Bedeutung hat. Die Aumann Firmengruppe, bestehend u.A. aus Aumann Holzbau und ASTA Holzwerk (www.aumann-haus.de) errichtete ein modernes Bürogebäude in eigener Holzbauweise nach neuesten Energiespar Möglichkeiten und unter Berücksichtigung architektonisch stilgerechtem Feng Shui. Frau Barbara Jurk (Freie Innenarchitektin, Feng Shui & Geomantie Consultant barbara-jurk.com) realisierte das ausgewogene Wohlfühlambiente mit Vital-Office Büromöbel.



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Making environmentally friendly office furniture o...

Major green features are the fast-growing raw material that grows in only 5 years. Actually a bamboo grows from sprout in just 2 years to full size. Then it takes 3 years, until the wood has hardened. Thus, the bamboo plant is ripe for the harvesting or it will be broken in the next few years in a natural way by storm. Within 5 years enough sprouts have grown to replace, it is a natural selection. In fact, 25% of a bamboo forest can be harvested every year without compromising the nature in any way.

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VR Bank Schlüchtern-Birstein eG setzt auf Bambus u...

wo fühlen sich die meisten Menschen am wohlsten? In der Natur.

Die beruhigenden Farben, Materialien und runden Formen lassen Körper und Seele entspannen. Runde Kiesel schmeicheln unserer Hand und runde Formen wirken beruhigend auf unsere Sinne. Ecken und Kanten werden intuitiv umgangen. Folgen wir doch einfach dem Beispiel der Natur, in der Gestaltung eines Lebensraumes, in dem wir oft länger als ein Drittel unserer Zeit verbringen. (Jörg Abels)

Die VR Bank Schlüchtern-Birstein eG ist diesem Beispiel gefolgt und hat Ihre Büro mit ökologischen Massivholz Bambus-Schreibtischplatten und höhenverstellbaren Schreibtisch-Gestellen ausgestattet.

 Kunde: VR Bank Schlüchtern-Birstein eG
 Industrie: Finanzen, Banken
 Gebäude: Büro
 Arbeitsplätze: <20
 Typ: Sachbearbeiter Büros
 Vision: Ergonomie und Wohlfühlen



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vitAcoustic: Schallabsorbierende Rolladenschränke...

Höchstabsorbierende flexible vitAcoustic Schallabsorber als Jalousie für Rolladenschränke verwandeln Schranke kostengünstig in hochwirksame Breitbandabsorber. Dem Prinzip der Microperforation folgend entwickeln die textilen vitAcoustic Platten kombiniert mit einem Hohlraum (Schrankinnenraum) eine nahezu lineare Breitbandabsorption, insbesondere in sprach relevanten Bereichen. Dabei sind die, in bis zu 50 Farben erhältlichen vitAcoustic Rolladen i.d.R. kostengünstiger als vergleichbare PVC Rolläden.

Ihr Vorteil:

  1. angenehm leise Raumatmosphäre mit guter Sprachverständlichkeit.
  2. kostengünstigere und umweltfreundlichere Alternative zu PVC Rolläden mit oder ohne Akustikfunktion
  3. große Farbauswahl für mehr Gestaltungsspielraum
  4. Das Material ist E0, B1 und recyclebar (PET)
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Vital-Office Höhenverstellbare Steh- Sitz Tisch Te...

Die neue qualitäts und anwendungsbezogene Neukonstruktion der Vital-Office Powerlift Steh- Sitztischgestelle bietet viele Vorteile. Auf Basis hochwertiger präziser Hubsäulen mit extrem geringen Geräuschniveau wurde eine neue Traverse entwickelt, die Steuerung und Kabel vollständig aufnimmt. Damit ist Schluss mit dem Kabelgewirr unter der Tischplatte und der externen Steuereinheit. Alles findet geordnet in der neuen Traverse Platz. Zusätzlich ist die Konstruktion auf beste Statik und Stabilität, sowie kürzeste Montagezeiten ausgelegt.


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Vital-Office GmbH

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Vital-Office Shanghai Co.,Ltd

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