ActiveLifeTrainer for Physical Therapy, Rehab, & Fitness Use - Professional Exercise Machine: Use Instead of a Mini-Bike, Deskbike, Mini-Ergometer, Stepper, or Mini Elliptical Bike

ActiveLifeTrainer - 3.Generation: Buy Now

Elliptical under Table Ergometer with Bluetooth interface to fitness apps that you can easily connect and loosen with your office chair. Set pedal resistance and you can move and stay fit as much as you want.

The elliptical tread is so gentle and natural that your upper body and muscles are completely free for precise work on the mouse and keyboard. A great feeling. Your hand movements to the mouse or keyboard are just as accurate as usual. (It doesn't wobble!)

Easily transportable by a light weight of only 14.5 kg and reels. Simply lift and move to the next place. The smallest dimensions ensure that the device does not interfere with the table and that you are still free in your usual working movements.

  • professional device with ball bearings and Bluetooth fitness app (no comparison to simple table bicycles)
  • the Activelifetrainer fits under every table
  • secure connection with any desk chair
  • Easy movement-no sweating or "puffing"
  • safe seat-no slipping and no falling
  • Natural Elliptical movement-how to walk
  • If you can walk and talk at the same time, then you can use the ActiveLifeTrainer
  • legs remain low so that your knees do not strike at the table
  • very quiet system. Virtually inaudible in an office environment
  • available from stock
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Product Specifications ActiveLifeTrainer 3rd generation:

Elliptical Under-table Ergometer with Bluetooth interface
Pedal resistance adjustable from 2-40 watts in 8 stages by means of a magnetic brake.
Dimensions: (BTH) 760x550x370mm / packaging: 610x415x385mm
Weight: 14.5 kg net (16kg gross)
Maximum user weight: 225 kg
only for Seated use (Safety regulation)
Minimum and maximum body size of User: approx. 127 cm-205 cm.
certificates: CE (en iso 20957-1:2013-en 957-8:1998), RoHS (2011/35/EU) and WEEE.
Article condition: New
Delivery: free within Germany (other countries please inquire by E-Mail.)

Smartsensor Properties:

  • Bluetooth 4.1 (ble) Smartsensor
  • power supply: 2x 1.5 v Mignon Battery (referred to as LR06, L06, R06, MN1500, AA or Mignon); approx. 6 months service life when using daily 5 H./not included in delivery!
  • sensor operates on the basis of international Bluetooth bike standards for speed and pedal speed.
  • battery life: approx. 6 months of service life when using daily 5 H.
  • compatible with dozens of fitness and sports apps.
  • compatible with all Bluetooth 4.1 enabled devices that support fitness and sports apps, such as Android (4.3 and newer), iphone (4s and newer), ipad (3rd generation and newer), and later versions of MS Windows and Linux.
  • depending on the app and depending on whether an additional optinonales pulse tape is worn, a user can get feedback on the following parameters:
    -instantaneous speed,
    -average Speed,
    -duration of use,
    -" Mileage,
    Heart rate,
    Energy consumption (calories),
    Lap time, etc.
  • Most apps allow you to communicate with ActiveLife Trainer ™ on fitness sports and other platforms such as MapMyFitness, Nike +, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • tip: To turn on the Smartsensor so that the app can "see" it, the pedals must be moved briefly.

correct use of ActiveLife TrainerTM:

  • find a comfortable, stable, and ground-level space for ActiveLife TrainerTM,
    For example:
    + under your desk
    + in front of a chair, armchair, or sofa
  • should activeLife TrainerTM be used with a desk chair, a
    Wheel of the chair should be rolled into the connecting plate. This prevents the chair and device from moving away from each other. Select the hole in the plate, which makes it possible for you to use the device comfortably without having to stretch your legs too much.
  • This device is designed for easy physical activity. At the beginning, the resistance should be set to Level 1. If after 45 to 60 minutes the actuation is still easy, you can set one level higher.
  • we suggest to use the machine with about 40 to 70 revolutions per minute.


We offer this product a warranty against damage caused by the manufacturer under the following conditions: 1 year warranty on all mechanical and electronic components, replacing defective parts after we, or A repair service authorized by us who had the opportunity to investigate the defective device. Costs incurred by the use of the warranty, such as labour costs and freight, are not covered by this warranty. Furthermore, this warranty does not cover normal wear and maintenance, such as cleaning the castors, replacing the batteries or adjusting the driving belt. Warranty claims can be asserted with the importer or the manufacturer.

starters sets for companies and project prices:

For companies makes sense to provide multiple devices to their employees. This increases acceptance and promotes fitness, labour productivity and health. Furthermore, our studies have shown that the use of the equipment is optimal when interested employees have their own equipment and not when several employees share a device.

We also recommend that you use your smartphone or tablet to get user feedback.

The mentioned quantity prices should give a clue to projects. The prices are ex works. Please ask us for your needs. In return, you will receive an individual offer based on your project or your regular needs. P.S. the single item reference price is the expense for consulting, handy, warehousing, financing, packaging, etc. Appropriate and correspondingly higher than the project prices.

ActiveLife Trainer allows a natural leg movement,

That corresponds to the leg movement when walking. You can determine the level of pedalling in eight steps individually so that you are able to use your muscles appreciably, but without ever having to get out of breath or even sweat. A low level of pedalling corresponds to a trotting walk, a high level of pedalling of an ambitious mountain hike. Even with a low level of pedalling, they double their energy turnover, i.e. They burn twice as many calories compared to their office work.

through the built-in Bluetooth low energy Smartsensor, you can track important parameters of your training in real time on your iOS (Apple) or Android device, save it, and via social media share.

For this, your tablet or mobile phone should be equipped with a Bluetooth 4.1 receiver, which applies to almost all devices sold in recent years. ActiveLife Trainer uses the International bicycle standard for Bluetooth devices. Therefore, you can choose among dozens of bike apps to capture, store and share your physical activity with ActiveLife trainers. Parameters that you have at your disposal are, for example, the current and average speed, the distance travelled, the total training time, the banned calories, etc. At the moment we recommend for this, by the way, the excellent and free CATEYE bike app .

ActiveLife coaches were developed in the USA by Prof. Dr. Christoph Leonhard and is internationally and in Germany protected by patent law.

the efficacy of elliptical under-table ergometers for movement promotion in the workplace has been proven in several studies at well-known German and US institutes and universities.

It has been scientifically stated that productivity at the workplace is not restricted by use, but is even improved over several weeks. Also in studies of users of such ergometers positive health changes have been noted, such as weight loss, reduction of hip circumference, and lowering of the dormant heart rate.

... and of course Santa Claus must stay fit for 12 months a year:-). What he demonstrates here himself:

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  • Comment Link Knut Erpenbach Wednesday, 13 December 2017 19:28 posted by Knut Erpenbach

    Der Workshop war ein voller Erfolg - die Teilnehmer haben diesen (Activelifetrainer) mit der Gesamtnote 1,1 bewertet. Somit hat sich alle Mühe gelohnt :-).

  • Comment Link Jan Gumprecht Wednesday, 13 December 2017 19:25 posted by Jan Gumprecht

    Der ActiveLife Trainer ist das besten Produkt für aktive Bewegung an normalen Tischen, dass ich kenne.

  • Comment Link Jablonski Thursday, 30 November 2017 08:52 posted by Jablonski

    Gekauft, schnell aufgebaut und los. Erstaunlich, ist wirklich gut. Kein billiges Chinaprodukt. Sehr wertig. Und mit Bluetooth ist man immer auf dem "laufenden". Kann man uneingeschränkt empfehlen.

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