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How saddle chairs and open angle sitting foster communication and collaboration

Beside the healthy upright sitting position, there are much more advantages using saddle-like WEY-chairs. Used together with height adjustable desks, they significantly can increase collaboration and communication in an office. Foster teamwork and emotional qualities within a corporate culture. Additionally enhance the dynamics within an office, while people stand-up more easily and frequently.

This is achieved by lifting all office desk's heights to a higher level, which is closer to a stand-up position.


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Imagine you are sitting in a standard 90 degree hip angle position. Actually very low on a standard desk with a height of 720-750mm. How is it to stand up? Isn't it complex stressful action? While sitting low, all your leg's, hips and spine muscles are relaxed. In order to stand up you have to activate all of them. Also you need to move from a comparable low position, to a high stand-up one. Don't you sometiomes say "Ohhh, ...." when you have to stand-up?

Active sitting - step up to a higher level

With a saddle-like WEY-chair together with a height adjustable Vital-Office desk, you already sit in a much higher position. The desk is usually adjusted to 800-900mm height, depending on person's size. The WEY-chair also has a higher gas-spring and the forward tilted saddle like seat cushion, which makes it comfortable to sit in such a high position.

Like a horse rider, you easily stand-up. Your muscles are active during seating. The rocking motion build in the WEY-chair mechanic let you move like on a rocking chair with your feet moving up and down. This constant moving with the feet and thus the activation of the calf muscles, is a circulation pump. Doctors describe the calf muscles as peripheral heart. You support your cardiovascular function significantly. Together with the gas-spring's buffer cushion feature you are lifted up easily, like a horse lifts it's rider in a jog trot.

Higher level sitting - ease communication at the workplace

Imagine again the low sitting posture on a low desk. How is it when colleagues stand beside you. Maybe to ask you something. How do you feel looking so much up to the standing person? You like? Most people do not like, because this is not a communication on same level. Let's have a look at the consequences: As you do not feel comfortable, you unconsciously try to avoid people approaching you directly at your desk. If they still do, you are not as friendly and supportive as you could be, isn't it? On the other side you may try to block your area with Partitions or cabinets etc. in order to avoid people coming to your place. Instead you may prefer a scheduled meeting in one of the conference rooms. Your colleagues may do similar and the consequences are that the conference rooms are booked too much and not enough. Internal communication is slowed down and affects the productivity and efficiency of your organization.

Once more it makes a significant difference using a saddle-like WEY-chair together with a height adjustable Vital-Office desk.  The difference between your height while sitting and the person standing beside you is now in a comfortable level. You do not need avoid a short talk with your colleagues. And also you do not need the time consuming conference room that often. This ability to have short internal communication significantly improves the office performance.

Basics, bachelor - master

Managing these basics in office performance and health improvements you may want to think of even more enhancements. E.G. curving the desktop around you to improve your privacy feeling, adding height adjustable side tables in stand-up position for communication and stand-up working, rearanging desk in order to avoid stressful opposite block positions and much more.

The Vital-Office team architects and consultants will be happy to help you. Providing valuable information on all interlinked physiological, psychological and social factors, which influence the design, shapes and arrangements of office furniture.




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