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Carol's background is in helping her clients achieve their goals through analysis of their living and working environments. Her trademark is the use of the tools of Feng Shui, Building Biology and sacred design concepts. Satisfied clients are thrilled when they receive unexpected bonuses, reach overall life goals quickly, and/or sell their homes in a short time .Carol's present degree of mastery in helping people is supported by her years of study of many mainstream and esoteric theories of design, including travel around the world to learn many powerful tools.

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Official Info: B.S. in Business Administration, Kutztown, University, PA; Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, NY School of Feng Shui; Certified Building Biology Consultant, Institute of Building Biology and Ecology, Clearwater, FL; Certified in the Master Level Singing Bowl Program, 9 Ways Academia, Quakertown, PA; Certified Yoga Teacher, Deerfield Beach, FL and many additional educational years of study in interior design, Theosophy, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity in a multitude of forms, meditation, and more.

Carol's past 20 years have been focused on creating, speaking and training about sacred, green, Feng Shui and healthy building biological environments in corporate, small business and residential. Prior to this, she spent 13 years at Chase Manhattan Bank as a commercial real estate appraiser, 8 of which she was VP, Manager of the appraisal of 9 southeast states' $2 billion worth of commercial construction loans.

Feng Shui: Analyzing building spaces to recommend changes that contribute to healthier, more harmonious and more financially productive business and lives. International speaker for events and conferences. 

The space we live and work in directly impacts our lives. Through the tools of Feng Shui and Building Biology, I assist my clients in creating healthier, more harmonious and more financially productive building environments. If you have a sense that something beyond what you have physically been attempting to do may be impacting you, then contact me to help you through a personal, onsite consultation. If you are building or renovating your space, this is a foundational resource for you to incorporate. I look forward to helping you create a more positive life.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Phone 484-951-0926 (Mobile) Address Hellertown, PA 


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