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Bamboo desk Joker 168

Affordable entry level for Home Office and Office. WDH: 1686 x 897 x 720-930mm. Antrophometric round Vital-Office desktop in solid wood bamboo 18 mm, coffee color, oiled surface with elegant height-adjustable aluminium T-leg frame in black or white with chrome.

A desk for well-being. Extremely space-saving through the space-efficient Vital-Office circular shape. It fits harmoniously in spaces, where a straight desk with same size would no longer fit. Angled positions allow to optimize good Feng Shui with good backing and command overview.

(Feng Shui) Psychological aspects to the topic of privacy and social integration

The Office is a busy place, which requires a harmonious atmosphere. The optimal design of an ergonomic workplace is geared to human needs. The sense of security in the form of a protected private area is essential for stress-free work and a basic prerequisite for informal communication and collaboration. The back protection, screening, and command (overview) position can be optimized by turning the desktop at any angle. The desk fit soft into the environment and lead to more dynamic movement and communication, while rectangular desks with its sharp forms achieve the opposite effect.

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Product details:

  • Desktop 1686x897mm
  • Material: solid wood bamboo 18 mm
  • Color: coffee (carbonized)
  • Finish: natural oiled
  • Edges: with profile edge type C half-round
  • included option: Feel Good soft-touch profiling of the tabletop in the internal rounding
  • groomets: d = 80mm in V2A - 1 x in centre
  • Aluminum T-leg base: 1155x750mm
  • Please select color: black/chrome or white/chrome
  • Stepless height adjustable from 720-930 mm
  • With horizontal cable tray: 700x200x100mm
  • Vertical cable management clippable at the foot
  • Including packaging: 2x cartons
  • Option: removable modesty panel 1100x220mm in bamboo

We offer 2 different surfaces:

  • Painted surface. Thus the material is wrapped around with paint/laquer (plastic). What you can feel when touching it is the paint's surface. The authentic feel of the wood is lost. Advantage of the painted surface is that the surface is sealed. Disadvantage is that scratches, etc. can no longer be repaired on-site. Thus it loses its originally sustainable property and will be disposed of as quickly as other veneer panels.
  • Oiled surface. Here, the surface is protected by the oil from dirt and moisture. But only to a certain extent. As every oiled furniture surface it is to be cleaned regularly and in case of deeper scratches sanded and oiled once more.

The advantage is:

  • that employees take care on a clean desktop and
  • that the massive (thick) material is enduring many sandings, repairs and cleaning even after many years. (it is thick solid wood and not a thin veneer)
  • Finally a bamboo desktop with oiled surdace is easily to refresh and so many many years usable and a sustainable product.

Design: Bamboo solid wood deserves a special carving. It should not just be cut with straight sharp edges, but rather carved like a sculpture. So architecturally well-proportioned tops can arise, which again vary in design, effect and filigree. We manufacture round and elegant shaped desks since the 1980s and do not do plastic edge bendings. The forms we developed in these years focus on ergonomic aspects and space efficiency. The benefits of the round anthropometric Vital-Office office concepts are well expanded with the use of the bamboo material.

The right attitude

Our attidue to work is expressed in many ways. Structure, language and clothing for example belong to this subject and at the same time shape the attidue to work. Valuable desktops help to facilitate a carefully maintained working attitude and improve it. Experiences with other companies show that this works very well. Architect Lord Foster's conviction, "The quality of our environment affects the quality of our lives," convinced also the McLaren CEO Ron Dennis. The Vital-Office desk tops are modelled as a sculpture. It is naturally oiled solid wood material, which not, must be hidden as usual raw chipboard's  material by plastic edge bendings! Increase your well-being and you get appreciation, which is brought to you by yourself and by the company as a result. Different edge profiles are available to customise the table design. The soft touch carving on the user side is an additional design feature that offers even more comfort.

The anthropometric extension of the desk space

Vital Office table surface extend toward the user, replace conventional angle combinations and thus reduce footprint. All equipment are easily accessible through simple body rotation. In the photo gallery you will find images that show the primary view and access area at the desk and a comparison between a straight table top and the anthropometric table form. Further advantages are to switch quickly between computer and standard desk work and to prevent health issues of the joints of the arm because they lie relaxed on the tabletop. Advantages in terms of presbyopia are that the equipment can be arranged circular around in approximately the same distance to the eyes.

Space efficiency by rounded corners of the desk:

Rounding the table tops allows a completely free placement of desks that can adapt even to difficult spatial conditions. It leads to: gaining more space efficiency, stress reduction through optimized privacy (Feng Shui), flexibility in the arrangement of the tables and creation of working groups, manifold diversity in planning and reserve for future workplace extensions. A sustainable furniture concept, optimized for restructuring, conversions and relocations in other rooms. Another positive design feature with regard to aesthetic interior design is the different optical effects (subtlety): Same size round shapes are perceived less voluminous than angular ones.

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