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Large and representative conference tables, which easily can be taken apart and arranged for other purposes. E.G. training or smaller group tables. We engineer these tables according your room‘s size…
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With the smart conference table series, you are on the safe side. Whether single or Group Office, here the tables can be converted easily. For example for training series or…
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flexible meeting and conference tables in various shapes. These tables can as visitors tables, catering tables or as exhibition tables are used.
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Modular conference tables with column bases with more space for legs. Elliptical or boat shaped. Optionally with motorized or gas spring columns for stand-up height adjustment.
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With Vital-Office flexiconference you can rearrange your conference room or training center very easily. According to  the situation needed the system enables you to make arrangements for every requirement. Your…
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Hier sehen Sie die vielfältigen Möglichkeiten mit unserer flexiconference Serie. Ob in großer Runde, in Bankettform, Reihenanordnung für face to face Besprechungen, offener Kreis für Konferenzen mit Präsentation oder als…
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Auch in öffentlichen Einrichtungen richtet sich der Fokus vermehrt darauf, vorhandene Räume einmal einzurichten, jedoch für viele unterschiedliche Aktivitäten nutzbar zu machen. Beim Projekt „Landgericht Hanau“ begeisterte unser flexibles Konferenztischsystem.…
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Ein schon langjähriger Kunde, der uns immer wieder in sehr positivem Sinne fordert und Steine ins Rollen bringt, die uns letztlich gemeinsam einen großen Schritt nach vorne bringen. Hier ein…
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Eine edle Konferenztischanlage in 40mm starkem Bambus Massivholz durften wir in Zusammenarbeit mit unserem langjährigen Partner Scharr Büro in Stuttgart gestalten und fertigen. Ein gutes Beispiel dafür, daß flexible Konferenztische…
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Klapptisch mit Sichtschutzblende. Perfekte platzsparende Stapelung. Durch die intelligente Fußtechnik gibt es keinen Versatz der Tische beim stapeln. Ein Klapptischgestell in herausragendem Design und funktionaler Qualität nach dem Motto „Die…
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Flexible presentations: In a meeting you need to contribute something you have on your notebook. No Problem. With UTS1 Serial Network your notebook screen is mirrored on the projector in…
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flexiconference - Tischplatten und Farben Sie können wählen zwischen MDF Platten oder Bambus Massivholz. Produktdetails: Tischplatten aus 28mm MDF mit Profilkante. Tischplatten aus 25mm Bambus Massivholz mit C-Profilkante geölt. Melaminharzbeschichtungen…
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flexiconference - Ellipse - Die Tischform flexiconference ellipse ist eine elegante Variante speziell für kleinere Räume. Durch die spezielle Form lassen sich die Tische in jedem Winkel zueinander positionieren. Produktdetails:…
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Form follows function The circon molded bases offer a covered cable tray in the molded feet, with plenty of room for electrical sockets, power supplies and a cable conduit from…
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Modular tables for E.g. exclusive training rooms with electrical and data connections in the foot.circon | Executive differs by the elliptical form part feet. These give stability and work at…
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Each conference room is a representation of distinctive style and vision utilizing systems from the Circon Executive Product Line. Size, form and material/composition are developed according to individual customer needs…
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The molded bases symbolize stability and tranquility. They are made out of wood, with a thickness of 20mm and are available in: a) matte or high glossy lacquered in all…
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This tables which are used in a separate meeting room can be used as extension tables in the large training room
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What good is a nice design desk if cable goes over the table edge hang and outlets around on the floor? Professional design is made for the practice and takes…
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The Oval-Office Project in Hamburg is a successful example where an oval 11,6 m- long table veneered in Swiss pear tree combined with stone Nero Assoluto was designed to accommodate…
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Conference table for 20-26 persons. Dimensions: 8.8 x 2.8m A beautiful handcrafted work, Top in Swiss pear wood with center cable tray cover in Aluminum sanded. The moulded elliptical feet,…
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Conference table for 22 persons boat elliptical-shaped 7.5 x 1.8 m with red lacquered glass insert. Mini media control: with just a few hand movements is a notebook system from…
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Conference table for 20 -26 persons ellipse 6.4 m x 4.09 m A beautiful handcrafted work with star like veneer in Swiss pear tree with a large inlay in aluminium.…
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Conference table for 18 persons. Elliptical boat shape. Dimensions: 5,7x 1,8m with inlay in transluzent glass and molded elliptical bases in polished chrome.
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Conference table for 12-16 persons. Dimensions:  4.71x4.09m A beautiful handcrafted work with star like veneer in Swiss pear tree with a large inlay in matte black Linoleum. The moulded elliptical…
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The Circon Executive product line features Management Level conference table systems in all sizes and many forms which include built-in media centers. Exclusive proprietary design. Fashioned with highest quality materials.…
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Conference table 3.75 x 2.2 m and 3.5 x 2.0 m A beautiful handcrafted work with elliptical conference table Swiss pear wood veneer with inlay in black lacquered glass and…
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Conference table: 3,75x 2,2m and 3,5x 2,0m Each conference room receives prestigious elegance by systems from the circon executive conference series of vital Office. Size and material composition, and Forum…
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Conference table 3.72 x 1.12m Design variations:  3 segments: circle + 2 side tops optionally with Yin Yang inlay   2 segments with Inlay  2 segments with Yin Yang split Power…
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Like the large s-class conference tables the smaller meeting tables reflect the same elegant style and pure quality.
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The circon executive desks offers a covered cable tray in the molded feet, with plenty of room for electrical sockets, power supplies and a cable conduit from foot to foot.…
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Type: CC7 e3415y - c. Elliptical conference table 3.4 x 1.5m. 2 piece Yin Yang form. For example: Pear wood veneer combined with linoleum black. Everything that does not exist…
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Conference table 5 x 1.2m for 16-18 persons Typ: CC7 t5012 -c
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Type: CC7 e3722 –c / CC7 e3520 –c Conference table 3.75 x 2.2m and 3.5 x 2m. Thus all possibilities available to you, to harmoniously integrate the Conference table in…
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Round and elliptical single column tables in wood, Glass or linoleum, optionally with polished stainless steel base plate. Made from high-quality materials in craftsmanship. Fine veneers and solid Woods, exhalation…
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Round meeting table with one column in different shapes Diameter 160-200cm. Base: Circon molded base type cti ..
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In wood, glass or linoleum, optionally with sanded stainless steel base plate.
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Boat shaped conference table, dimensions: 3x1,2m Type: CC7 b3012 -c Style: Segmented top with changing veneer orientation. A quality design results in the changing direction of the veneer. Various combinations…
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Conference table elliptic or boat shaped, dimensions: 260x124cm.
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