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In the Vital-Office Concept (published as book) the objectives and influence factors of human stress-free and healthy Office design is defined. Among other things it is assumed that the value of our environment affects the quality of our work. The psychological factors involved are complex. ... The desk is a tool that allows you to work with ease and same time is influencing your long term health. It is the heart piece of office furniture.

The quality of our environment determines the quality of our work. This is well known today. So radically efficient, such as a clean city reduce the crime rate (see David Coleman "Social Intelligence" example of New York), so easily a quality furniture improves the mindfulness at work. The psychological factors are complex. But it is possible to observe yourself and get a feel for how an environment or furnishing affects you. Usually you will learn very spontaneously, what kind of work quality and productivity in this office can be achieved and which are not.  The desk is a tool that allows you to work with ease and same time is influencing your long term health. It is the heart piece of office furniture.

  1. The advantage of a desktop in bamboo solid wood is in the sustainability and quality, combined with an affordable price.
  2. The advantage for the entrepreneur is improved quality of work, mindfulness, and attractiveness.
  3. The advantage for the employee is appreciation and "feel good".
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The tabletop plays a special role because we are all day in direct contact with it. Round natural wood edges are an essential feature to increase well-being and self-esteem. Rounded natural wooden edges are an essential feature in order to increase well-being and self-esteem. Bamboo desk tops are very well suitable for this. Aesthetically, color fast and as hard as German oak, but available at a much lower price. Bamboo solid wood tops are more sustainable and green, than veneered tabletops made of Canadian maple or pear wood.

Vital-Office® offers bamboo in 2 colors, 3 different strengths of 40, 25 and 18mm and with various edge profiles from round to facet ex stock and production in Germany or China. A specially developed oil in conjunction with a specially developed processing technology is respnsible for the unique Vital-Office ® natural authentic feeling.

In addition to many professionals, as well as small and medium-sized companies also well-known corporations such as Kärcher, Jungheinrich and H.C. Starck have chosen Vital-Office ® Bamboo Office.

Professionalism, developed within 25 years in the field of office and furniture design, ergonomics and space-efficient planning, research and practice on performance factors according to the Vital-Office ® concept, flexible productions and competent partners in sales and installation, is the indispensable basis for the extension towards green sustainable materials for professional offices - Vital-Office® Bamboo Office.

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