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infinity | design: flexible and anthropometric

The Vital Office group develops ergonomic office systems, which are to inspire and motivate due to their harmonious forms. With infinity | design the enterprise developed a furniture concept, which fulfills Feng Shui guidelines.

Infinity | Design is a flexible and expandable furnishing concept. The consequent rounds design opens new formative free spaces and offers at the same time optimal ergonomic conditions. The desk tops are anthropometric, thus formed according to humans measurements. The accurately dimensioned inner curve of the table top makes quick changes  from screen to the desk work possible by just a body turn. Besides a relaxed armrest at the table is given, whereby particularly when intensive working with the mouse loads injurious to health of the wrist at the table edge are avoided. Vitally Office uses for infinity | Design only high-quality, homogeneous desk tops on MDF basis, whose design can be customized through three profiles  C=rounded, B=45 degree or T=30 degree.

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Ergonomic space planning

the organic forms of infinity | Design offer a maximum of usable work surface with a minimum of effective utility space. The privacy sector is already indicated by the round forms and by the inner curve. When planning infinity | design additionally Feng Shui guidelines were implemented, so that this furniture concept was awarded with the gold medal 2000 for best Feng Shui Design.

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Background information to the topic „furniture and creativity “:

Harmonious organic forms symbolize abundance, security and formative free space. Thus the development of creativity is made possible. Too many straight-line forms in buildings and furnishings work against creativity while associating rigid regulating and thus prevent psychologically any individual creativity. Besides the reduced straight-line is simply banal in the comparison to the natural magnificence for our spirit. In this sense it is an offense of our mental abilities. Aesthetically feeling good and mentally uplifting we feel organic forms, with a geometrically mathematical relationship. In mathematics, for example, an ellipse is a curve where the sum of the distances from any point on the curve to two fixed points is constant. On the other hand, by the "Cassini curve", a family of curves in which the loci of each curve satisfies the condition that the product of the distances to each focus point is exactly a constant. The lemniscates (the horizontal eight, the symbol of infinity) is a special form of the "Cassini curve". A numerical series, such as the golden section, is also a suitable design aid for creating geometrical relationships. Our spirit, is unconsciously aware of such relationships and is content having discovered it’s "intellectual" environment. Therefore it’s particularly important, with regard to organic forms, that clearly formulated geometry are of superior design quality.

About Vital Office:

Vital Office has committed itself to the motivation and health of office-workers.  Providing comfort, security and optimal physiological support in the working atmosphere. Vital-Office products represent an advancement of ergonomics- a relevant factor for a vital and healthy workplace. More information at


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