vitAcoustic sheets - highly sound absorbable acoustic PET panels in 19 colors

vitAcoustic sheets - highly sound absorbable acoustic PET panels in 19 colors (3)

Vitacoustic Premium Pet acoustic panels for individual applications. vitAcoustic acoustic felt panels are made of polyethylene 9mm strong 1.9 kg/m² in many colors. Max. size: 2420x1220mm (2.95 m ²). VitAcoustic polyethylene material is free of pollutants without the supply of odour and emission. They are friendly to the skin and airways and can therefore be used completely harmlessly in areas where babies and children play and learn. In combination with an effective sound absorption, one sets the course for a healthy, stress-free and concentration-enhancing development. The pure polyethylene fibers are produced like needled felt into fabrics, tiles and plates using needle technology. The fibers are interwoven exclusively by means of needles. NO glue and NO other binder added! Different colors and patterns arise because fibers of different colors are previously mixed together. This creates the typical mottled structure of the polyethylene felt sheets. Further processing: To cut, Pressing (2d), Deep drawing (3d), Gluing, stapling, screwing. Application: Acoustic wall coverings. The panels are easy to install directly with a carpet adhesive or, for greater sound absorption, to install on a substructure at a distance. Individual shapes are easy to cut with the knife, or by means of CNC cutting machine (milling is not possible!) To order from us prefabricated.

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