ActiveLifeTrainer for Physical Therapy, Rehab, & Fitness Use - Professional Exercise Machine: Use Instead of a Mini-Bike, Deskbike, Mini-Ergometer, Stepper, or Mini Elliptical Bike

ActiveLifeTrainer - What is that?

Keep in motion - be healthy and fit - all while working at your desk, reading, writing, playing computer games, watching TV,  but also while chilling, surfing, playing games, eating, and much more.

The new activeLiveTrainer by Prof. Christoph Leonhard - improve your fitness with low intensity exercise at your desk or table.

activeLife trainer is an under-desk elliptical exercise machine to which you can easily connected your office chair by placing one of its wheels into the connecting plate. When done, undo the connection simply by rollring your chair out. With the built-in Android and Apple iOS compatible Bluetooth smart sensor, you will stay motivated by tracking and sharing your activeLife Trainer work outs.

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activeLife Trainer allows for natural leg motions while seated,

Leg motions that correspond to those you make while walking. You can determine your preferred level of resistance in eight steps so that you are able to use your muscles appreciably, but without ever having to get out of breath or even perspire. A low level of pedaling corresponds to a leisurly walk, a higher level equates to an ambitious mountain hike. Even at low pedaling levels, you double your energy consumpion, i.e. you burn twice as many calories compared to sitting or standing while doing office work.

Through the built-in Bluetooth low energy  smart sensor, you will keep motivated by tracking and sharing on social media important parameters of your training in real time on your iOS (Apple) or Android device.

For this, your tablet or mobile phone should be equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0 receiver, which is true for almost all devices sold in recent years. ActiveLife Trainer uses the International bicycle standard for Bluetooth devices. Therefore, you can choose among dozens of bike apps to capture, store and share your physical activity on your activeLife Trainer. Parameters that you have at your disposal are, for example, current and average speed, distance traveled, total training time,  calories burned, etc. At the moment we recommend the excellent and free < span style = "text-decoration: underline;" > CATEYE Cycling app .

ActiveLife coaches were developed in the USA by Prof. Dr. Christoph Leonhard and is internationally and in Germany protected by patent law.

The efficacy of under-desk elliptical exercise machines for movement promotion in the workplace has been proven in several studies at well-known German and US institutes and universities.

These scientific studies have also found that work productivity is not reduced by using such exercise machines and may actually improve. Independent scientific studies have also shown that use of under-desk elliptical machines may lead to positive health changes, such as weight loss, reduction of hip circumference, and lowering of resting heart rate.

The brand new third generation activeLife Trainer is now available from Vital-Office GmbH (

Suitable chairs with elbow rest, high gas spring and saddle-like seat (Wey Chair) that pair well with activeLife Trainer have been developed by vital-Office and are available.

Advantages of this chair version:

  1. Body rotation when standing up is not hindered by armrests,
  2. Seats adjust easily for optimal height, and
  3. Saddle shaped seat cushions allows sufficient freedom of leg movement so blood flow to the legs is not impeded.


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