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Mechanical engineering company in Brazil - Redesign of all offices with acoustic furniture

Planning and execution of a new facility for administration. Future-oriented taking into account change management (growth plus/minus, relocation, relocation, new construction, changed technical work equipment such as.B. UHD monitors for designers, home office, leisure working, team work enhancements, VR, etc.) and cultural aspects (company and country), as well as ergonomics (standing and sitting workstations) and room acoustics (acoustic furniture). In practice, we address these points in our concrete discussions and incorporate the results into the concept and planning.

On site, an increased sensitivity of the employees with regard to the room acoustics was noted. However, a common suspended ceiling with easily absorbent panels is already present. Since there are no relevant larger areas that would be suitable for additional acoustic measures, the furnishing concept with acoustic furniture was created. Each of the height-adjustable desks gets an acoustic caddy with 1.22m² of highly absorbent acoustics directly at each workstation. In addition, other furniture components are sound-absorbing.

The planned acoustic furniture can be ordered for export either from German (Vital-Office GmbH) or Chinese production (Vital-Office Shanghai Ltd.).


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Planning order:

..... do Brasil in Vinhedo (Sao Paulo)

  • Visit
  • visit offices,
  • Identify needs (workplaces, meeting facilities (short and long), quiet zones, communication zones, executive offices, ...).
  • Discuss and define the furnishing concept together,
  • Create planning drafts and discuss and define them together,
  • Discuss and define designs (material, colour, function),
  • Create a BOM,
  • Discuss, define and define possible interior design measures (light, acoustics, walls and colours, climate and greenery, etc.).
  • Create Time frame

.... Brasil Ltda, Joinville

  • As before


  • Backing
  • Privacy
  • Acoustics
  • Best possible concentration
  • Communication contact points
  • Vertical Space Plus Caddies at the workplace for additional storage space
  • Flexible sustainable furniture components
  • Natural Flowing Spatial Planning (Feng Shui)

From just a few individual components, many different configurations can be created, which can be used depending on the room size and requirements. The individual furniture components fit together like a modular system and can be expanded as desired.

These individual elements result in many different configurations (see pictures) which can be expanded into groups of any size as required and required and you can select appropriate configurations depending on the space capacity.

Vertical Space Plus:

The table surfaces are anthropometrically curved and are extended by caddies (auxiliary furniture). The Caddy offers additional areas for storage and storage space.

User motion surfaces according to ASR A1.2:

The movement areas at regularly used workplaces must be at least 1.50 m² in size. Motion surfaces can be rectangular or curved. However, they must always have a minimum width of 1.00 m and be at least 1.00 m deep for activities while sitting.

Traffic routes according to ASR A1.8:

In office areas, there must be sufficiently wide traffic routes according to ASR A1.8. Rooms with max. 5 persons = 875mm, 20 persons = 1000mm, 200 persons = 1200mm. Aisles to personally used workstations are at least 600mm


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