Executive Desks

circon executive wing - executive desk - An instrument for modern management.

circon executive desks are functional designs. Their shapes and designs are designed to support the needs of modern managers.
The smaller parts at the left or right side enable more personal contact at an eye to eye level. The more you move to the middle, the more dominant you are.
In this way managers can use the design to help them being more effective with less effortless.

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Product details:

  • circon wing base table (w30)
  • Dimensions: 3000x1830x750mm, or
  • circon wing base table (w34)
  • Dimensions: 3390x2100x750mm
  • Plate:
    • Painted MDF with profile edges
    • Solid wood bamboo 25 or 40 mm
    • europ. Maple 26mm
    • europ. Oak 26mm
    • Swiss Pearwood 30mm
    • can. Maple 30mm
  • Frame: 3 elliptical form part feet either in
    • Lacquer in all RAL colours
    • E.g. formica laminates
    • Metal decors such as aluminium, stainless steel, copper
    • Real wood furniert in all types of wood
  • including cable duct at molding feet
  • with easy access from the top with removable cover
  • Cover of the molding feet painted only possible

Circon conference program overview

Design Classics from Vital-Office Moebelmanufaktur

The Circon Executive product line features Management Level executive desks and innovative conference table systems which include built-in media centers.

Exclusive proprietary design. Fashioned with highest quality materials. Comes in exquisite traditionally-crafted veneers or solid wood, painted glass or stone. Features acoustic wall panels and media cabinets.

Made in Baden Württemberg (Germany). Testimonials from well-known companies and individuals the world over attest to the competence, reliability, planning, execution, and overall excellence of this product line.

How you get your circon executive conference table?

Call or e-mail us. Please include your room's size (layout plan) and your requirements.


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