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Vital-Office - Autumn Newsletter - remarkable projects and low-priced acoustic furniture

With many nice holiday memories in our luggage, we would like to start with you again after the summer break and live the last quarter of the year successfully and creatively. We have again realized valuable projects with some of our partners, which we would like to introduce to you as an inspiration, as well as some remarkable acoustic products:

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Written by 23 September 2017 - 10:50:05

An already long-standing customer, who always challenges our creativity which finally bring us a big step forward.

DSC Software AG (

If one is concerned about improved room acoustics and wants to ensure that the investments have the desired acoustic effect, it is only natural to know in advance about the efficiency with which one may reckon after the transformation. For DSC Software AG, we have made this possible and have worked out the acoustics calculator according to DIN18041, on the basis of which calculations corresponding acoustic elements were added or reduced until the result was coherent.

Get yourself familiar with this subject and experiment with our available calculation table:üros-konferenz-und-unterrichtsräumen ((P.S. Here you will also find 3d panorama images with examples of cost-effective vitAcoustic ceiling and wall absorbers.)

Another long time customer with high quality demand and pleasant cooperation:

Kunz & Schulze Immobilien

Of course, this is also due to the fact that parts of his company philosophy such as "People are our main concern", "We live our profession with all our heart" or "It is our maxim to fulfill the wishes of our customers" meet ours. With this background, we started to work, designing a very elegant, modern and lively office, which facilitates the company image through the Vital-office (furniture) products used. Our ergonomic desks were made of a combination of sustainable solid bamboo and linoleum. The filing cabinets were given a aluminum decor decorative surface and were equipped on backside with a bamboo frame / acoustic construction to simultaneously create a pleasant room atmosphere through high class sound absorption. As additional sound-absorbing elements our acoustic mats were processed in pedestals as well as modesty panels of the desks. Large plants ensure a healthy indoor climate.

Read more:üroeinrichtung-eleganz-ergonomie-und-akustik

Flexibility is increasingly important also in public institutions - Landgericht Hanau

In public institutions, the focus is also increasingly on establishing existing spaces, but making them available for many different activities. The project "Landgericht Hanau" inspired our flexible conference table system. It was shown that "FlexiConference" can also score in "smaller" rooms. With just a few hand movements, a traditional conference table situation is transformed into a training or lecture configuration, into several small working groups, or even for a solemn celebration (reception / farewell). The Vital-Office furniture, which consists of folding, movable and height-adjustable elements, can be modified, removed and / or supplemented at any time. On request, we also equip our FlexiConference combinations with corresponding media technology. The project was created in cooperation with our long-standing valued partner Gottschalk Büroeinrichtungen Read more:

High, cross or stack up - the connection of funny design and efficient sound absorption

Firstly, our newly designed sideboard solutions are characterized by their shape and color. On closer inspection, one notices that these not only beautify the office day, but also absorp a proper portion of sound. This is ensured by our acoustic material, which replaces the plastic tambour doors.

The sideboards are available in various widths up to 3 binders high and can also be stacked. They look very nice as a single piece, but also in rows or even blocks.

For high-quality sound absorption, especially in the case of much telephone calls, Vital-Office relies on recyclable elements whose material you already know from our versatile vitAcoustic product range.

NEW: Why not turn upside down? Our sideboard gives a good figure even in portrait format. It fulfills the same functions, is also stackable, the tambour doors are opened and closed vertically. Read more:

Keeping fit at the workplace - activeLife trainer meets the standard for professional devices

Have you ever noticed that for fitness machines, e.g. desk bicycles, you will find a huge price range? At the discounter you can buy bicycles for less than one hundred euros. Bearings are simple PVC bushings, no ball bearings. Foot resistance is produced by a friction brake with felt, non-magnetic, and much more. Professional equipment, on the other hand, are built for long-term continuous operation. Also with daily use in continuous operation, activeLifeTrainer is designed in such a way that you can fight long-term movement deficits for many years. The resistance is generated without contact via magnets and a high-quality Bluetooth low-energy smart sensor is installed, which sends feedback, such as the distance traveled, the pedal speed, etc., to both iPhone or Android devices.

Prof. Christoph Leonhard, Ph.D. ABPP is a professor at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology at Xavier University of Louisiana, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. After five years as a lecturer at the faculty of medicine at Harvard University, he followed a call to Chicago where he has been developing elliptical seat ergometers for the avoidance of movement deficit in office work since 2009 as part of his research in the field of behavioral medicine. The main aspects of the technology he developed are protected several times in Germany and internationally. The effect of the devices developed by Professor Leonhard's, such as activeLife Trainer ™, has been demonstrated in independent scientific studies by renowned universities and institutes in the USA, Germany, and the Netherlands.

We are pleased to be able to take over the distribution for Prof. Leonhardt. The devices are now available from our warehouse. We have prepared interesting conditions for resellers and intermediaries. Please contact us if you are interested in the distribution or the placement of the activeLifeTrainers. Read more:


Vital-Office is a manufacturing design company. The multitude of our designs are based on practical requirements, developed in cooperation with our customers. We also work for you or your company - just call or email us.

Our sales are dealer-oriented. We would also like to invite you as a trade partner, Feng Shui consultant or interior designer (architect), to become a network partner and to present yourself on our portal or to edit your profile yourself. Please call or email if you have lost your login data or need further assistance. We are glad to assist you! Read more:

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