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vitAcoustic Moss Pictures FAQ and Care

FAQ - Our answers to the most important questions about real moss, moss pictures, moss frames, moss walls, hay pictures, hay flower with hay flowers

Experience unique acoustic panels for wall and ceiling mounting and in use as furniture surfaces coated with real moss or hay. With vitAcoustic moss and hay pictures you not only acoustically evaluate the room climate, you also experience a unique sense of space that appeals to almost all senses. The pleasant structure of real moss and alm hay gives the feeling of being in pure nature. This groundbreaking acoustic panel can not only see, but also smell and feel. The fine moss or alpine hay, for example, creates a wonderful scent that evokes associations of green landscapes.

Our Moss is certified to import to China!

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From which mosses are the moss pictures and moss walls made?

In our moss manufactory only real mosses are processed. For Moos Rößchen we use an Iceland moss, for Moos Hill a cushion moss and for Greenwood a forest moss.

How is the moss made?

In our manufactory in Germany the Evergreen moss is cleaned, conserved in a special process, prepared by hand and fixed on vitAcoustic carrier platel single or double.

How high is the structure of our moss pictures and moss surfaces?

  1. For Moos Rößchen and Moos Hill, a 9mm thick highly sound-absorbing vitAcoustic panel in colors according to the collection will be used, on which the approximately 30 - 70mm thick and conserved moss will be applied.
  2. In direct (flat) applied moss and hay does not contribute further. The total thickness remains at 9mm, so this application also for flexible furniture surfaces, shutter cabinets, caddies, flexible partitions, table partition and more. can be used

Which shapes and sizes are available?

All sizes and shapes are feasible. No matter if 2D or 3D. We always customize for you and your project. We as manufacturers can make almost anything possible for you.

Do the moss pictures and walls need special care?

All our moss pictures and moss walls need no care, no irrigation, no lighting and no fertilization. We recommend a room humidity of 40 - 60% for all our mosses. This retains its haptic and optical properties. Falling below this indoor humidity can cause changes in the moss. This means that in the winter, too dry air can make the moss tighter and thus change the feel. If, however, the room humidity rises again to the level of 40-60% that is healthy for humans, the moss also becomes softer and fresher again.

Are all the additives used natural?

Yes, the moss is conserved on a natural basis in a special process and dyed with food colors. All additives are certified as harmless to health.

Do you have to water the moss?

The moss areas do not need to be watered or fertilized as the moss has been conserved and preserved for a long time. The moss is thus without water and care.

Can I expose the evergreen moss to direct sunlight?

The moss has a high resistance to sunlight. A long-lasting strong sun exposure can cause a slight fading of the color. But with the help of our repair kit this can be taken out very easily.

How long does our moss / moss application last?

The moss areas have been designed for long-term use and have been preserved accordingly. As pioneers in the German market with many years of experience, we have many projects in which the moss walls were already installed 9 years ago and the areas still look like the first day.

Does the moss attract vermin?

No. Due to the special, yet natural preservation, the evergreen moss needs no water or even earth. Thus, important basics for the collection of vermin etc. are not given. Also, the preservation is prepared so that it additionally acts even repugnant to vermin. So you have a double protection against beetles and other vermin.

Does the moss put on house dust?

No. Thanks to the preservation, the "normal" house dust does not settle on a hanging moss picture due to the antistatic effect.


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