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WEY-chair 106 saddle chair

WEY-chair 106: orthopaedic swivel chair with saddle-like seat which is suitable also for women, backrest in cross shape with integrated ellbow armrests, multifunctional mechanism with seat tilt adjustment, sliding seat, height-adjustable backrest, higher gas spring and durable cover in black fabric.

Ergonomic seating concept of upright sitting based on Scandinavian ergonomics (Balans, HAG capisco, etc). This is achieved by sitting in an open angle. The hip angle lift the spine to an ergonomical natural s-shape like interlocking gears.

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The right Chair

Armrests interfere with desk and hinder you to turn (swivel) and move towards the table. Armrests and table should be ergonomic in same height and causing a conflict.

Optimal is, if desk and chair fit together, supporting the ergonomically healthy sitting positions and do not affect the dynamic working.
Armrests should be preferably able to swivel backwards or designed for the round anthropometric table form as a elbow pad. This allows you to rotate freely and fully access the enlarged table surface which is formed around you.
Your thighs should drop to the knee, at best in an 110-120 ° angle, then the seat is correctly adjusted. The result is an open posture, providing more room for the basin for a power-saving, upright posture.

Ergonomic instructions:

In order to lift your spine up correctly, please note the following suggestions:

  1. The basis is, your feet are firmly on the ground or on the base.
  2. Raise the seat height so that your thighs slightly fall off. Your thighs form an open angle which is greater than 90 degrees with the upper body.
  3. This open position is possible, bacause the left and right seat parts are falling like a saddle. We call this a forward tilted seat.
  4. In order not slip from the seat a high saddle-like curvature is centered in the seat. Nevertheless, it is important for maximum inclined forward position that both feet are firmly on the ground.
  5. Fasten the extra tilt of the seat's back. Best in the foremost position. The backrest tilt is an additional feature which is not required for upright sitting based on Scandinavian ergonomics. It is required if you want to take other postures, relax, lean back for example.
  6. Adjust the height of the backrest. The molded lumbar support should be equal to your pelvis. So relatively deep. By no means high in the back.
  7. The elbow pads are used for control. This should be equal to your elbow. Please make sure that your arms fall off easily. Do not press the shoulders upwards.
  8. Adjust the seat depth. The seat depth is always in realation to the seat height. In case you want sit deep and form a 90 degree seat angle, you can increase the depth of the seat. When you sit higher, it is necessary to reduce the seat depth so that your legs can easily fall without pressure from the seat.
  9. If you are familiar now with above functions and have appropriately set up your chair, you can try circulation-promoting dynamic sitting.
  10. Unlock the seat tilt, so that your seat bounce backwards and forwards.
  11. As light as possible, adjust the strength at the knob under the seat. The seat should rock slightly.
  12. The backrest is locked!
  13. Now you can perform the rocking motion like on a rocking chair with your feet moving up and down.
  14. Preferably, you leave the Chair in the open function for the rocker.
  15. The constant moving with the feet and thus the activation of the calf muscles, is a circulation pump. Doctors describe the calf muscles as peripheral heart. You support your cardiovascular function significantly.
  16. Movement is not only good, it is necessary for our health. Long, low-motion sitting in the office harms our bodies, no matter how great and ergonomic a chair is. The fact is, you need to move to to stay healthy.
  17. The seat tilt, or the circulation pump, rocking chair function can be turn on or off. However please remember also to release it and to move.
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Product specifications:

Orthopaedic saddle seat - swivel chair - WEY-chair 106
Backrest with integrated ellbow armrests, saddle seat, mechanical seat tilt adjustment, sliding seat, backrest height adjustable, high gas spring, fabric
* Seat fabric black / Back also in black fabric
-Saddle shaped seat and higher gas spring for healthy high sitting with open angle
-anthropometric foamed backrest in cross shape lofted lumbar support with far protruding elbow pads
-covers with high-quality stitching
-large base for more safety in elevated seats
-in any position lockable tilt mechanism for dynamic moving seats to the circuit support
-weight adjustment of the rocking mechanism
-Backrest height and inclination adjustable

-Seat height of 450-590 mm measured on the front edge of the seat inclined forward and 540-680 mm measured on trailing edge
-Gas lift spring in chrome with 140 mm stroke
-Seat depth adjustable from 430-480 mm
-Seat BT: 460x430mm
-Backrest BTH: 600x200x630mm, 100 mm adjustable in height
-Aluminium base polished diameter 700mm
-Universal wheels for hard floors and carpets
-Dimensions: 607 x 660 x 985 / 1110mm
-Packing: 680x655x430mm / 14kg / 8 PCs. per euro pallet
-Customs commodity code: 940130
-2 years warranty


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