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vitAcoustic Sound, Light and Colors at Orgatec 2022

Sound, light and color - an exciting combination. Acoustics are combined with light. Light is built into sound absorbing material. An infinite number of beautiful products in many colors and shapes appear in the light. Form, function, design and joie de vivre - everything is shown in one.

An absolutely exciting new world for designers, architects and users. We have compiled the result of the new modular product ideas for the international trade fair Orgatec 2022 in Cologne here:

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Written by 11 December 2022 - 01:05:31


Trapezoid ceiling sails with indirect lighting

Ceiling sails mounted at the correct distance from the ceiling are optimal broadband sound absorbers that also absorb low voice frequencies well.

Combined with indirect light, centrally controlled with all common systems, a visual and audible feel-good atmosphere is created.

The trapezoidal ceiling sail also makes a good audible and visible impression when mounted on the wall.

The vitAcoustic trapezoidal ceiling sails have a 2-layer structure and a total thickness of 50mm. Due to the overhang of the lower absorber layer, they still appear graceful and discreet.



vitAcoustic low-frequency absorber column with light

The acoustic column is preferably positioned in the corners, where it effectively acts as a broadband bass absorber (bass trap).

The column is set up freely in the room, with a pinnable surface, an information and meeting center.

All 4 corners are equipped with dimmable linear light and "on top" a powerful lamp is installed for indirect lighting.

The column with linear edge light could be used e.g. as emergency lighting in exhibition rooms or with colored and flashing RGB light as a guide.





vitAcoustic ceiling panels

A small selection from the variety of colors and shapes of the vitAcoustic ceiling clouds.

An orange round was mounted on the wall. We want to show that all ceiling sails can also be wall elements at the same time.





Height-adjustable vitAcoustic screens

at a height-adjustable Vital-Office bamboo desk.
see Project Kohlbecker





Highly efficient low-frequency broadband absorbers as tambour door cabinets

This patented acoustic solution for A-class broadband absorption with special absorption of low speech frequencies. Eco-friendly acoustic felt panels made from recycled PET bottles become colorful design tambour doors.

The cupboards are available as a sideboard and wall unit variant in all the usual grid dimensions, which can be stacked on top and next to each other.

Due to the depth of the cabinet and the contents, the best absorption values are achieved in the low speech frequencies from 125 to 250Hz. These frequencies are important so that the loud, low-pitched vowels in our speech are absorbed just as well as the quiet and higher-pitched consonants.

The absorption of low-frequency speech frequencies is essential for good room acoustics.

The combination of an acoustic sideboard with a Vital-Office height-adjustable and sustainable bamboo desk offers the workplace in the office as well as at home all that is necessary:

Height-adjustable table, storage at the workplace and low-frequency broadband sound absorption.

Supplemented with a light baffle suspended above, everything that is required for an ergonomic and sustainable, environmental friendly modern workplace is perfect.




vitAcoustic light baffle modular system

Gracile on the outside, stable on the inside. The new design of the modular system - ceiling baffle, wall absorber and partition - is also constructed according to this principle.

With a total thickness of 81mm and an absorption density of 9kg/m², the system is universally highly absorbent and, depending on the position on the wall or ceiling, broadband absorbent.

Light can be installed above and below, or on the left and right in the case of vertical wall mounting. Choice of linear light or glare-free standardized workplace downlights for uniform illumination over the entire workplace. Optionally, the light can be controlled individually for each workstation via Dali, Casambi or other common systems. Optional 3000K or 4000K or RGB light with linear lighting.

What was shown:

1. straight baffle 2000x81x290mm
a.) mounted directly on the ceiling. Ideal for e.g. in the hospital, where suspended parts otherwise have to be removed and disinfected regularly for reasons of hygiene.
b.) Suspended above the workplace with glare-free standard workplace lighting downwards and indirect light upwards.

2. Straight baffle 2000x81x390mm in an organic design with curved screens on both sides.

3. round baffle element, which can be suspended with e.g.

6 elements to form a large circle with a diameter of 2-3m. Ideal for cafeteria, reception or exhibition.

4. straight and organic design form as a double element suspended below each other. For example to separate areas.

5. Horizontal, straight wall element with magnets, easy to maintain, attached to the wall at a distance. With striking up and down lights.

6. Vertical baffle panels with dimmable built-in linear light bars on both sides. Also attached with magnets at a distance.

7. Baffle system as a partition 800x2000mm with indirect lighting upwards.




vitAcoustic wall coverings

The cladding of complete walls as a decorative and at the same time highly efficient acoustic and heat insulation solution not only inspires our customers in the office sector, but also numerous private individuals, as was shown at one of our regional trade fairs.

Heat-insulated and sound-absorbing feel-good ambience, also for the home.
Window and door reveals are professionally clad.

Heat insulation with vitAcoustic works very well and save home owners a lot of heating costs.



Seit der letzten Orgatec in 2018 haben wir stark expandiert und unsere Produkte und Leistungen in einigen größeren Projekten einsetzen dürfen. Dabei hat sich unsere Produktpalette und Expertise

Date-201Tuesday, 15 November 2022 19:59
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Seit der letzten Orgatec in 2018 haben wir stark expandiert und unsere Produkte und Leistungen in einigen größeren Projekten einsetzen dürfen. Dabei hat sich unsere Produktpalette und Expertise

Date-200Tuesday, 15 November 2022 19:59
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